Bukhara hotels

The "Holy city" Bukhara is famous for its private hotels in oriental style harmoniously matching to the ancient architecture of Bukhara. Most these small private hotels in Bukhara are located close to LyabiHauz, which is in the old part of Bukhara city. At the same time you can choose modern style business hotels from our list of Hotels in Bukhara, which are also equipped with all modern facilities.

Business Hotels in Bukhara

Edem Plaza Hotel Bukhara

The most luxurious hotel in the Bukhara region "EDEM PLAZA" is located in the heart of the fabulously beautiful city of Bukhara.

Devon Begi

Hotel Devon Begi is a four star modern hotel, located 50 meters from the architectural complex Lyabi-House.

Asia Bukhara Hotel

One more part of Asia Hotel Network with 3 star level services is Asia Bukhara Hotel. It has very comfortable...

Malika Bukhara Hotel

Another good located hotel emergent to the famous Lyabi-Hauz Ensemble is Malika Bukhara. Hotel’s remoteness from airport...

Asia Bukhara Hotel

One more part of Asia Hotel Network with 3 star level services is Asia Bukhara Hotel. It has very comfortable...

Sultan Hotel

If you want to have a rest of Lyabi-Havuz Complex, because since 2008. this hotel had been a part of Ensemble.

Bukhara Economy Hotels

Amelia Boutique Hotel

If you want to see how Uzbek rich man lived in 18 century, Amelia Boutique Hotel 3* is a great opportunity.

Omar Khayyam Hotel

Specific name of this hotel says about local colour, when guest will be plunged into the oriental romanticism of medieval term with...

Old City Hotel

Located in the heart of ancient part of Bukhara Old City Hotel is an example of wood style handcraft of Bukhara masters.

Mehtar Ambar

Located between the Chor Minor and LyabiKhaus historical sites, the MehtarAmbar Hotel offers a unique athmosphere...


The Avicenna three-star hotel located in a historical center of the city is the most suitable for the tourists who wish...

Salom Inn

This small and private hotel is located in 2 min walking to Lyabi-Hauz Ensemble, distance approximately 14 km from train station,...

Minzifa Boutique

For fans of shopping and exotics Boutique hotel Minzifa 2* is a nice option. Hotel is situated in the center...

Grand Bukhara

One of the biggest hotels of Bukhara Grand Bukhara Hotel is located 0,5 km from city center, 5 km from airport and 15 km driving to...


This hotel keeps safe ancient traditions and culture, transferring them in modern time. It is located in old Bukhara near...

New Moon

New Moon is a hotel that situated in the heart of ancient part of Bukhara, representing an old-age style of exterior and room design.

Caravan Hotel

Traveler just came from long road staying in Caravan Hotel is good way of relaxing...

Atlas Hotel

Another hostel in ancient part of the city is Atlas Hotel. The construction and design combined all mastery...

Lyabi House Hotel

Here you find mix of medieval and modern spirit, will be on crossroad of past and present, cause, looking like mansions of 16-17 century...

Hotel EMIR

House of merchant in beginning of 20 century in the beginning of 21 century was re constructed To the B&B Hotel Emir.

K.Komil Boutique Hotel

This Hotel is also built in old 19 century style and located in ancient town’s area.

Budget Hotels in Bukhara

Grand Nodirbek

Grand Nodirbek Hotel opened its doors in 2004. This small and convenient guesthouse is also...


The PorsoFayz hotel was opened in 2012. It is located in the heart of old Bukhara, 100 meters from the Lyabi Khauz complex...
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