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Uzbekistan Hotels

Peopletravel’s online hotel booking is one of the best online booking systems in Uzbekistan. We will assist you in finding budgetary accommodation and best hotels in Tashkent, Samarkand, Bukhara, Khiva and etc. When travelling last minute, as a family, for business, Peopletravel’s online Uzbekistan hotel reservation service will always find your right place to stay and save on your accommodation budget.

Our online hotel booking service is focused to secure and provide the lowest available hotel prices in Uzbekistan, including hostels in Samarkand, Tashkent, Bukhara, Khiva and others. Our local knowledge and connections with hotels in Uzbekistan combined with world class technologies provide you best accommodation options even in seasonal periods. What makes Peopletravel unique is the combinations of online service and the human touch. We negotiate directly with Uzbekistan hotels to secure the best possible value, and then use online hotel booking service to deliver best and cheapest accommodation options in Uzbekistan to our customers.

Hotels in Uzbekistan

Tashkent Hotels - Uzbekistan Hotels

Tashkent Hotels

Peopletravel offers its customer selected hotels in Tashkent with online-booking chance. Here you can find different class of hotels, varying from luxurious international five stars as ...

Samarkand Hotels - Uzbekistan Hotels

Samarkand Hotels

No matter if you’re on business trip or family vacation, Peopletravel can select out any type of Hotels in Samarkand for you. This historical city of Uzbekistan offers a wide range of accommodation options...

Bukhara Hotels - Uzbekistan Hotels

Bukhara Hotels

The "Holy city" Bukhara is famous for its private hotels in oriental style harmoniously matching to the ancient architecture of Bukhara. Most these small private hotels in Bukhara are located close to...

Khiva Hotels - Uzbekistan Hotels

Khiva Hotels

Distinguishing feature of Hotels in Khiva is their external view, designed in old oriental style in order not to make mismatches to the complete architectural style of Khiva. There are many historical buildings...

Termez Hotels - Uzbekistan Hotels

Termez Hotels

Termez is located to the north of Afghanistan border and it’s known as one of the oldest cities of Uzbekistan. At the same time Termez was considered as Buddhism Center back in I-VII centuries. ...

Nukus Hotels - Uzbekistan Hotels

Nukus Hotels

There are not many hotels in Nukus, but still Peopletravel has a little selection of two and three star hotels and B&B. Taking a Tour to Aral, visiting the famous Savitsky Museum of Art, you can have a rest...

Ferghana Hotels - Uzbekistan Hotels

Ferghana Hotels

There is small choice of Hotels in Ferghana Valley – paradise of Uzbekistan, attracting with its picturesque scenery, fresh air, fruitfulness and sun. Peopletravel presents all the information...

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