Sightseeing in Termez

Approximately three kilometers from Old Termеz, among green gardens, there is one of the attractive historical memorials – Kirq Qiz that is translated as “forty girls” and refers to 9 AD. According to well-known legend, outside the walls of this fortress queen Gulaim reflected the siege of strangers with his companion from the epic "Kirq Qiz". The records indicate that the fortified castle with powerful corner towers manor belonged to Samanid dynasty.

Among the landmarks can be also highlighted the Sultаn Saodad complеx. This ensemble had being built during several centuries. Now it can be characterized as a museum of ancient architectural composition.

The immense dome crowned separated by several arched niches walls covered with ample ornamentation. Curly masonry pair of thin bricks gives depth and rigor of refined appearance of the building.

In Termеz local people were engaged in pottery, blacksmithing, glassworks and production of cotton cloth. Opening in mountains mineral deposits contributed to the evolution of ancient metallurgical engineering. Masters of metal were occupied with making ammunition and domestic appliances.

During the excavations were found various metal things - boilers, dishes, candlesticks, jugs. Excellent products of Surkhandaryа potters and glass blowers were known far beyond Mesopotamia.

Like many Asian cities, Termеz had been hit by a devastating invasion of Genghis Khan in 1220. But

Termеz was able to be reborn as a trading city, and exported many goods to other countries. At the time, caravan routes of the Silk Road were calculated from Termеz. Therefore, this city preserved many ancient monuments.

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Friendship Bridge in Termez

One of the attractions of Termez is the famous Friendship Bridge, the only one bridge on the southern border of Uzbekistan with Afghanistan, which connects Termez with the port city of Hairaton.

Ayritam settlement near Termez

The ancient settlement Ayritam close to Termez includes a number of important historical monuments. It is possible to find a complex along one of the banks of the Amu Darya river almost two dozen kilometers from Termez. The studied area of the town, where in the 2nd century the fort operated, is almost 90 hectares.

Bolaliktepa fortress in Termez

Termez Archaeological Museum

In Termez on At-Termezi Avenue there is a unique archaeological museum with priceless historical treasures. The Termez Archaeological Museum was built in October 2001, and it began to receive its first visitors from April 2002.

Dalverzintepa settlement in Termez

Dalverzintepa (or Dalvarzin Tepa) is a mysterious terrain occupying almost 47 hectares of the fertile valley of the Surkhandarya River between the Baysuntau and Babataga ranges, located 60 km north of the modern Termez, in the Shurchin district.

Kirk Kiz fortress in Termez

Getting acquainted with the centuries-old history of the most southern city of Uzbekistan - Termez, you cannot help noticing the presence of two main landmarks there: - Buddhist and Islamic.


Sartepa was an ancient powerful, well-preserved city with semi-circular towers that is located not far from the Old Termez. In the II century, BC here was the big commercial city. The surrounding walls were reaching 9 feet. Moreover, inside it was equipped with anarch width of about 3 meters.

Khalchayan hillfort

This ancient settlement is located near Termez in Surkhandarya region. The attention of archaeologists was attracted during excavations that uncovered the biggest hill ruins of the ancient palace building dated 1st century BC.

Buddhist stupa Zurmala

Buddhist stupa Zurmala is located in Termez and has more than 2000 years of history. Termez that translates as «River Bank» is situated on the shore of the Amu Darya River, not far from a tributary of the Syr Darya River, and it is the southernmost city of the Republic of Uzbekistan. Termez began its existence for more than two millennia ago, and its founder, according to research by historians and archaeologists, was the ruler of the Bactrian Zoroaster.

Hakim al-Termezi Memorial complex

This architectural ensemble was erected near the grave of Abu Abdallah Hakim al-Termezi in 869. It is located 7 km north- west of Termez city, on the right bank of the Amu Darya River between Uzbekistan and Afghanistan border. The complex structure of the main mausoleum includes several monuments erected at different times.

Kokildor Ota Khanaka

Southern city of Uzbekistan that is located in Surkhandarya - Termez is remarkable for diversity of architectural structures. Being in this city it is worth visiting sacred mausoleum of Hakim al- Termezi, memorial complex of Sultan Saodat, Minaret Zharkurgan and Kokildor Ota Khanaka.

The memorial complex of Sultan Saodat

The rich history and an amazing variety of architectural styles make Termez attractive to a large number of tourists. Only here you can admire not only the monuments created by Central Asian artists, but also visit the monuments reflecting the Buddhist religion.

Jarkurgan minaret

Jarkurgan minaret is located 60 km from Termez in Dzharkurgan area village. It was constructed in 1110 and has a deep foundation, laid of brick and mortar, mixing the ash with a reed and its height currently reaches 21.6 m with diameter at this height of 4.1 m.


Denau is located near Pamir Mountains and reaches one of the tributary of Syr Darya. This place is one of the tourist destinations that could share incredible stories and legends that are spread by local people.

Kampyrtepa. The historical evidence of three millennia

Kampyrtepa is a fortress that grows roots into the IV century BC, located on the banks of the Amu Darya, 30 km from Termez.

Djarkutan. The most ancient settlement of uzbekistan

This bewitching town fascinates people with the peculiar atmosphere that gets inside, takes up residence in the soul and emerges with warm memories. It is a special, amazing town with own character.

Baysun. The land with amazing beauty of the landscapes

If you like to enjoy the mountain scenery - come to Uzbekistan. In the south of Uzbekistan, in the spur of the Hissar range is Baysun - the land with amazing beauty of the landscapes.

Karatepa and Fayastepa

Karatepa and Fayastepa are ancient citadels situated in hill and considered as the most ancient fortification in the territory of Uzbekistan. These sights are located in the northern part of Termez. Temples are the most ancient cave monasteries of Buddhism era.

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