Yangiabad Flea bazaar

Yangiabad Flea bazaar in Tashkent

Treasure for collectors


In each city, whose age passed for 1000 years, there is a flea bazaar, perrying the history of this city. This is not just a bazaar where you can buy and sell quickly for nothing stale goods; it is often the treasure for collectors. Tourists, collectors and devotee of old things and unique artifacts necessarily attend such weird corners. After all, we always hope that among the old dusty penny brands we will find the Pandora's box.

Yangiabad bazaar in Tashkent

In Tashkent, a flea bazaar was Tesikovka. Tezikov market is the first crush of Central Asia. When the Tesikov market has moved to Yangiabod that located in most outskirts of the city, many deplored the good old Tesikovka, lamented the fact that the crush "Flea" of some racy irrevocably dead. Old Antique Shop Yangiabod rages early before the sun turned golden rooftops, there is unfolding preparations for the trade. The products are decomposed into makeshift stalls on the ground, its frangibility misgiving for overall design.

Being in Flea Shop, you can dive for days, unrolling one historical page to another one. There is a place for yearning for the return of past circumstances, events. Only here you can find something that has long been gone from our memory erased, for lack of a practical importance. As every kind bazaar worldwide Yangiabad has its own legend. Once here someone bought gold lamp of Samanid era under guise of an old bowls.

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The life of this bazaar proceeds mainly routinely and quietly, banknotes pass from hand to hand, watch, and recall stories associated with objects. And these legends and fairy stories setand go on spreading.

The ghost place of nostalgia

Russian-speaking tourists are in a much more advantageous position than the foreigners. After all, they will be able to listen to stories, many years ago, without an interpreter, without matching simple words, without revision to the definitions and colorful local values. Yangiabod is a unique small town, where the streets are filled with words. He rustling noise, laughing, joking shyly turns away. Well, possible just a little bit of a dissimilar color sky and set long-obsolete junk.

This market is a stranger from the past, and whose future is not known, it just floats itself as a ghost in the present times.

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