Suzukh-Ata Mausoleum

Suzukh-Ata Mausoleum in Tashkent

Authentic monument of unique past

Suzukh-Ata Mausoleum was constructed in 1765 in Tashkent. Close to the mausoleum there is a park that creates very poetic atmosphere of peace. Different from many controversial moments in the history of Sufism, this mausoleum should be considered ancient because all the same facts of history.

Of course, the construction refers to the XVIII century and not the XII, when he lived Suzukh-Ata Mustafakul here.

Suzukh-Ata Mausoleum in Tashkent

Near the Mahalla residents built a very unusual mosque. Rather rose to replace the old, as much as possible while maintaining the ancient masonry, meter thick, old brick. This is a much unexpected construction.

If you visit this sight, inside you will be waiting to freeze in admiration, when you come inside. Old dome, built according to the rules of medieval architecture, painted clouds! There is kufic calligraphy, ornaments of Light clouds ... as verse, cumulus clouds in a spiral twist, creating a sense of infinity.

Visit Suzukh-Ata Mausoleum

Here it is even difficult to take a picture; the camera cannot transmit all the fascination of this wonderful ceiling.

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