Ankhor Canal of Tashkent

There is another place in Tashkent for leisurely walks. It is the embankment of the river Ankhor.

Ankhor of Tashkent is the name of a large irrigation canal, located in downtown Tashkent. Its length is 23.5 kilometers, and in the XIX century it separated the historical part of the city from new areas. The waters of Tashkent Ankhor Canal feed the lake, located in the Alisher Navoi National Park. Here are several versions concerning the origin of the name of the canal. It can have a connection with the word "Anzor", which denotes grapes, the word "Angor" which means "arable field" or the word "Ankhar", which denotes the river. There are several places of interest on the banks of the Ankhor Canal of Tashkent, including the memorial complex "Courage", the Pakhtakor stadium, the museum of the Olympic Glory, the Turkestan concert hall, and even the presidential residence. Formerly near the canal there was the old fortress of Tashkent, and the Kokand fortress Urda.


Walking along the Anchor river of Tashkent you can delight beautiful sceneries and relax from the city's hustle and bustle. The abundance of water and trees contributes to coolness in the summer and an incredible landscape in winter. The river Anchor is magnificent regardless of the season. In the summer heat it attracts bathing lovers, and in winter the snow-drenched trees on its banks look very beautiful.

In the Anchor river of Tashkent in summer, the local youth swim, although it is ice (it is a mountain river), and in winter walruses are swimming (it does not cover the ice, because the river has a very strong current).

The most beautiful views will be found in the city center. A well-groomed embankment is pleasant and not crowded. On the banks of the Ankhor river you will find many comfy restaurants and coffee shops.

Anhor canal

Today, some of the channel's outlets have been preserved. They are Chukarkuprik, Zakh, Navza, Chapanata, Izza.

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Anchor canal


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