Covered bazaar Chorsu in Shakhrisabz

In the Eastern culture, the bazaar is not just a place where you can buy goods. For centuries, bazaars have played an important role in the life of the city. Appeared at the intersection of trade routes, the bazaars were a platform where there was a constant exchange of goods, news, cultural values. Here one could relax in the teahouse and treat himself to green tea and pilaf. Street artists performed here, theatrical performances were played out in the bazaars.

Shakhrisabz is one of these ancient cities located on the Great Silk Road. In such a trade and craft center as Shakhrisabz, commercial premises were built, but only one of them has survived until now - the Chorsu covered bazaar, built in 1602. It is located at the crossroads of the ancient street, which originated from the southern city gate Charymgar, called at the Temur the Termez gate, and the highway that crossed Shakhrisabz from east to west. There were a bazaar and a bathhouse, which are still functioning today. There is no more suitable place for building a covered bazaar.

With an external resemblance to the medieval trade domes of Bukhara and Samarkand, the Shakhrisabz covered bazaar Chorsu is notable for its original layout. The bazaar is a central building with a diameter of 21 meters. Four portals with entrance arched openings, oriented to the cardinal points, lead inwards, to the central hall.

Chorsu Shakhrisabz market, built of burnt bricks, has expressive domed ceilings and is devoid of decorative decoration. However, the excellent brickwork of the thyroid sails in the herringbone, in addition to its functional purpose, also carries an aesthetic load. The central octagonal hall of the bazaar is covered by a high dome. Four corridors lead out from it, covered by small domes. Entrances from all four sides are marked with portals. In the past they were all open to buyers.

In each of the premises of the Chorsu bazaar of Shakhrisabz, a certain type of goods was traded - ceramic crockery, hand embroidery, which Kashkadarya craftsmen are famous for today. Local fabrics, carpets and other products are also imported.

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