Sightseeing in Shahrisabz

The central Asian town of ancient period, judging from extant ruins, had traversed a long path, developed a strong and unique traditions.

Primary forms of settlements, settlement with residential walls and fortifications, solid buildings, despite their vastness, cannot be called cities. This is just a great home-estate. The city can be named, such as the settlements, where at least two housing estates, that were united under the protection walls around public places of worship. The passage between the houses, neighborhoods, public and religious buildings and fortress gate determine the maze of the city planning.

In the sites were archaic with limit settlement walls, and public buildings were planned, but the inner space bounded by walls, was inert, empty and not organized. This is just a huge corral without planning organization. The only structural sense was in the walls - residential, but their extent was not in any of the planning relationship with the environment of space.

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Covered bazaar Chorsu in Shakhrisabz

The Shakhrisabz covered bazaar Chorsu is notable for its original layout. The bazaar is a central building with a diameter of 21 meters. Four portals with entrance arched openings, oriented to the cardinal points, lead inwards, to the central hall.

Crypt of Amir Timur

Planning your trip to Uzbekistan you surely should journey to Shakhrisabz and visit Amir Timur's crypt. The crypt of Amir Timur, which, according to experts’ opinion, had been prepared by Amir Timur for himself, is located the other side of Dorus Saodat complex. The necropolis of Amir Timur in Shakhrisabz is a unique architectural construction. There is no a similar type of vault in all the Middle and Near East.

Town bath of Shakhrisabz

Uzbek bath is a special place for the Uzbeks; it is a separate culture and customs. Baths in Central Asia were an integral part of the formation of the urban structure. Bathroom habits spread in Central Asia on a par with the spreading of Islam, as one of the homilies of the prophet Mohammed to his followers was visiting the baths.

Shakhrisabz alley

Peopletravel Company is happy to offer the magnificent travel around Uzbekistan, mainly to Shakhrisabz where you will see 18 landmarks of the city included to the List of World Heritage of UNESCO.

Gumbazy Seidon tomb

Near Qok Gombaz mosque and the southern wall of the mausoleum Shamsiddin Kulol, by order of Ulugbеk was built tomb, known as the Gumbazy Seidon tomb. It is located in Shakhrisabz, ancient city of medieval.


Aksaray was constructed by order of Amir Temur after his campaign to Khorezm. Estimated start of the monument is 1379 and currently preserved only two separate input portals, the height of which more than 40 meters.

Darus Saodat complex

This complex arose after the death of the eldest son of Amir Temur, Jahangir in 1376. It has a domed mausoleum overlap in a cone and now the ensemble consists of several buildings - mosques, mausoleums, and facilities for pilgrims, three gates and tombs.

Congregational mosque Kok Gumbaz

Along the main axis of the beautiful carved door is Kok Gumbaz with a simple shape tombstone paneled wonderful green. Stalactite domed tomb is covered with majolica inside and elegant ribbed outside.

Monument of Tamerlane in all its splendor

In Kashkadarya oasis in the ancient city Shahrisabz was born and raised famous ancestor Tamerlan. And one of the popular sights of the city is a monument of Amir Temur constructed by sculptor Ivan Jabbarov.

Complex Dorut-Tillavat and the mausoleum of Shamsiddin Kulol

Despite the fact that the shape of this building different from the forms of the upper band, and decorative furniture made primarily of brick mosaic and majolica partly painted with the new character, the mausoleum is an overall ensemble.

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