Shahrisabz tours

The city of dreams and mysteries

This town is known as a birthplace of the most powerful central Asian ruler of the Medieval - Tamerlan.

The figure of Amir Temur is still exciting in this town. But his gravestone located in Samarkand and many travelers come to it to pay tribute to their ashes. This rite is believed to communicate the spellful influence of this great warlord and personality.

The magnetic force of Shahrisabz attracts tourists. Here you can find lots of sights shrouded in mystery and mysticism.

Unrivalled points of past centuries.

The eastern hills are a home for a remarkable shrine – the tomb of Saint Al-Khodja. All Muslim know him and equally hold sacred the place of his everlasting rest.

The shrine is regarded with such great reverence that nobody dares to open the tomb. The mausoleum attendants are sure that listening to a prayer within the limits of the tomb will be quite enough.

The stream of pilgrims to Shahrisabz is really high. All made wishes are believed to come true here. “Kitab al-Kand fi Tarih Ulama” (The Sugar Book on the History of Shahrisabz) by Abu Hafs an-Nasafi was one of the first city guides.

According to the book, Allah considered two rakats (cycles) of prayers recited in Samarkand as 70 rakats; if prayers were recited throughout a night, they were reckoned as the 60-year cycle of praying. One-day fasting in this town was accepted as a century-long fast. And he who managed to feed one poor man would save his own home from poverty forever.

The ancient city that could steal your heart

This town of Uzbekistan, judging from extant ruins, had traversed a long path in ancient period, developed a strong and unique traditions.

In 1996 was a 660th anniversary of the Tamerlane and Shahrisabz was declared by UNESCO as a unique historical town being a birthplace of great ruler.

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