Shahrisabz located in the north-eastern region of the Kashkadarya, 80 km from Samarkand. The town has 63,000 inhabitants according to the 2010.

The "green city" is known as the birthplace of Tamerlane. Shahrisabz Merv is a mound of feces Gyaur (Fortress worshipers), surrounded by walls up to 30 meters high and 12 meters wide at the base. Visible Almost in the center of the northern wall of the citadel was irregular curve shape. Recent excavations have found in the center of the citadel platform, which traces the building.

Gyaur stool was called the inner city. Along with suburbs it was surrounded by a wall enclosing the territory up to 4 km in diameter. Suburbs were irrigated four channels, one of which - Raziq was in town for the artificial water supply, filling the city`s reservoirs.

Shahrisabz rose significantly above the surrounding area. Pre-Islamic city was an irregular rectangle with an area of 30-35 hectares. The direction of the two main streets, cutting Shahrisabz from north to south and from east to west, there were three additional. In the south-eastern part of city was a market. This bewitching city attract many travelers by the unique atmosphere that could dive you into the the time of Shaherezade's tale.

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History of Shahrisabz. Sacred atmosphere of the historical spirit

Every city is like a person with its own character, its own secrets. If you want to touch unique history and admire its monuments, you just need to meet its local residents. This city is often called as the city of dreams, a precious jewel in the architectural crown of Uzbekistan. It had been known as civilization since Rome and Athens. The city is at the same age as Jerusalem and Jericho, Samarkand and Bukhara. Finally, Shahrisabz is a cradle of the great Amir Tamerlan that is known around the world as a ruler of a huge centralized state.

Shakhrisabz history started in the middle Ages. The city had witnessed campaigns of the Persian kings Darius and Cyrus, the troops of Alexander the Great, the Arab conquerors and the hordes of Genghis Khan. Residents came up repeatedly in the fight against the invasion of enemies. In the VIII century, it became the center of the struggle against the Arab invasion and forcible imposition of the new religion.

A special place in the history of Shakhrisabz is the era of Tamerlan. He was born in 1336 in the village of Hoja Ilgor, near the city, where he spent his childhood and teenage years. At this time, rose high historical significance of the city as the unofficial capital of a great empire. Shakhrisabz took envoys and business major countries in Europe and Asia. Creation of a strong centralized state gave an impact on development of the trade, crafts, construction, art and science.

Even preserved remains of these buildings are impressive in its scale. Besides this, originality of drawings, patterns, colors and decorations are unique in the world. In the period from 1373 to 1438 years, as noted by Professor R.Hilenbrand, Shakhrisabz became the center building, where in addition to the huge ensembles built mosques, baths, caravanserais and bridges. That is why the city is so captivating for travelers.

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Sightseeing in Shahrisabz. Adorable heritage of Tamerlan

Clavijo demonstrated in his recording the splendor Ak-Saray Palace, which is the pride of Timurid architecture. This was the inscription on one of the portals: If you doubt about our power, look at our buildings. These days, many tourists come to admire the masterpieces of world civilization as architectural ensembles of Ak-Saray-Dorut tillovat, Dorut Saodat, madrassas Kuk Gumbaz Chubin, trading dome Chorsu etc. It is no coincidence that the General Assembly included this city in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

For past 20 years there was a large-scale work on the restoration of monuments and improvement of the city.

And the fact that the representatives of the great classics of Khosrow Dehlavi, Mirzo Bedil, Mirzo Golib who have made an invaluable contribution to world culture, belong to the ancient Shahrisabz heritage.

However, the main wealth of this land is generous, courageous people. Medieval tales will cast a spell on every visitor and leave lasting impression of immemorial relics with main sights of Shahrisabz. At all-time the city attracted travelers and tourists from all over the world with masterpieces of architecture that bewitch with improbable appearance described by Scheherazade’s tales.

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Shahrisabz tours. The city of dreams and mysteries

This town is known as a birthplace of the most powerful central Asian ruler of the Medieval - Tamerlan.

The figure of Amir Temur is still exciting in this town. But his gravestone located in Samarkand and many travelers come to it to pay tribute to their ashes. This rite is believed to communicate the spellful influence of this great warlord and personality.

The magnetic force of Shahrisabz attracts tourists. Here you can find lots of sights shrouded in mystery and mysticism.

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