Art Gallery "Chorsu" in Samarkand

Using the tour package of Uzbekistan, take a moment and visit the “Chorsu” Art Gallery in Samarkand.

Close to the Registan Square, behind the Sherdor Madrassah, there is a small hexagonal building with a long history. Built in the fifteenth century, the Art Gallery "Chorsu" served as an emporium, in which a variety of headwear was sold. Being at the confluence of 4 roads, it got the name "Chorsu". From Persian "Chor" means “four”; and "su" - the “flow”, or “path”. The building was repeatedly realigned during its existence, and after a recent restoration a huge layer of earth was removed. It concealed the background of the building. In 2005 the erection of the Shopping Center "Chorsu" was handed over to the Academy of Arts of Uzbekistan, and soon the art gallery was opened there.

Chorsu Art Gallery in Samarkand

At the moment, the visitors are presented with the masterpieces of modern artists, who reflected on the canvases the versatility, way of life and the culture of the Uzbek people. In the Art Gallery "Chorsu" you can acquaint with the works of sculptors and architects of the past. The works allow you to make sure of the mastery of the ancient artisans.

Having arrived to Samarkand you can spend a little time and visit this small but important for the Uzbek people “Chorsu” Art Gallery. The painters displayed love, colorfulness of the rich history of their land in the pictures.

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