Chordara Castle

Chordara Castle

Chordara Castle is the oldest historical monument, located in Kanimekh district of Navoi region. It is a fortified castle dating fifth century BC. Up to now relatively well preserved walls and doorways were built in the form of arches. The main material for the construction of the castle was the largest adobe brick and blocks pakhsa (beaten clay).

In carrying out archaeological excavations in the castle were found well-preserved fragments of pottery, widely used in the V century BC, which helped to establish the exact date of construction of the monument Chordara. In addition, there were found adobes with size of 50x30x10 cm, which is also used at this time for the whole of Central Asia in the construction of buildings.

Chordara Castle in Navoi

Ancient buildings of architectural monument Chordara indicate that at the time of V century BC in Zarafshan valley had been developed agriculture. This indicates that the cultural life of Navoi region belongs at the time of the ancient Sogdiana, starting no later than V BC. With careful study of the area, along the river flow Kanimekh were found a few ruins of the estates of the same period, from which, however, remained only cultural layers and foundations of buildings.

In the fortress there were underground drainage channels. Some of them have survived to the present day. Very interesting is the technical layout of walls and towers of the fortress. The main part of the wall is directed to the mountain. At the top of the mountain was a tower, which was the vantage point. Total fortress consisted of seven towers.

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It is worth noting that preserved remains of unique castle Chordara are rare historical and archaeological sources that retained the information not only about the nature of its structure, but also the valuable historical information.

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