Sarmyshsay Gorge and Asrlar sadosi 2013 as a main national festival

Sarmyshsay Gorge and Asrlar sadosi 2013 as a main national festival

This year the Festival Asrlar Sadosi will be held in the beginning of May in the Sarmyshsay gorge that located in Navoi region.

Petroglyphs is a rock art, located at an altitude of 2450 m, is one of the many testimonies of culture and life of the ancient people who lived on the territory of Uzbekistan and neighboring countries.

Such monuments are scattered in many regions of Uzbekistan. They can be found in Chimgan Khodjikent, Tereksai, Bashkyzylsae and other mountain areas. The most famous collection of petroglyphs - is, of course, gorge Sarmysh-sai Nuratin in the mountains. However, while some cave paintings have long been studied and are protected by relevant organizations, such as UNESCO, others are abandoned and vandalized (over thousands of years of images cut out lettering and date of "visits" foolish tourists).

Sarmyshsay petroglyphs are located relatively close to the modern "civilization" - just 8 kilometers from the leisure Navoi. Typically, they are held by climbing routes.

Specifically, the petroglyphs are in need of research and conservation, as well as other prehistoric monuments.

During this period will be organized traditional folk festivals, various folklore numbers, folk arts, horse game "ulok - kupkari" and many others.

It is also scheduled to be held a display of national dresses, as well as a grand gala concert, which will be attended by foreign guests.

There will also be the grand opening of the mausoleum "Bibi Orif", renovated by the "Mehr Nuri" this year. A special event will be hold in an auction of Meros Association with the support of the world famous house "Christie".

According to established practice, the judgment will be presented to a national cuisine of Uzbekistan, as well as folk customs and traditions of the country.

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