Sightseeing in Namangan

Why go there?

This city has many ancient places such as interesting ruins of the ancient city Ahsikent that was the capital of the Fergana Valley from 10 to 13 century. Also near Namangan in the valley spa resort thre is Chartaksay "Chartak", functioning on the basis of iodine-bromine mineral water. In the mountain spurs Chatkalsky ridge there is the valley of the river Padshaatasay with numerous recreational areas.

Sightseeing in Namangan

Namangan is known also as a craft center, which to this day they do potters, goldsmiths, coppersmiths, blacksmiths, weavers, dyers, calico-printer fabrics, shoemakers. By the way, this is one of the reasons why you should visit not only Namangan, but also all of the Fergana valley. Here, you can purchase an exclusive set of crafts.

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Hoja Amin Mausoleum

Hoja Amin Mausoleum is the most famous madrasah of Namangan that reflects all visual environments with photographic accuracy and keeps the history of many generations.


Akhsikent is the ancient settlement that can be found near the village Shahand in Turakurgan district of Namangan region. It has more than 2500 years of history. Scientific excavations were carried out exploring the city in the 60th years of XX century. Recently Uzbek Academy of Sciences held a great research and results became valuable sources for archeology and preserving the national heritage.

Chadak Weeping rock

Chadak village is located in Pap district of Namangan region and has more than four thousand years of history. A distinctive feature of this region is the large number of springs. It is no accident in ancient times here were military roads that did not allow taking water supplies.

Muvlon Buva

In Namangan there is a tourist complex Muvlon-buva that attracts attention of all guest of this city. This complex was built in 1806 by order one of the Kokand ruler and it is dedicated to the local poet, buried here. .

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