The fortress Ickhan-Kala. Adorable heritage of Khiva

The fortress Ickhan-Kala in Khiva

Adorable heritage of Khiva

The fortress Ickhan-Kala in Khiva

Across the eastern cities of the medieval fortress was divided into two distinct parts: the inner city, which was called Ichan-Kala and outer city Dishan-Kala. Ichan-Kala is the first object added to the UNESCO World Heritage in Central Asia. Fortifications and palaces, mosques and madrassas, mausoleums and minarets, of Ickhan-Kalla make this city unique open air museum. According to the archeological data, Khiva existed in 5 BC as caravanserai on the ancient route of Great Silk Road from Merv to Gurganj. Clay for the construction of the walls took about two kilometers from the city, in place Govuk-kul, where now you can find a big lake.

The legends of Khiva Sights

According to one ancient legend, when the prophet Muhammad built Medina, he used clay from these places, and the lake, which appeared later considered to be a saint. It is the same with our longstanding Ickhan Kala. Inner City of Khiva covers an area of 30 hectares and has a rectangular plan. Khiva was surrounded by strong clay wall, which reach heights of 8-10 m with depth 6. 8 m, and length 2,200 m fortified walls of Ichan-Kala.

U-shaped towers on the perimeter create the fortress protection. In the upper part of the wall was the pointed gallery with loopholes and battlements. In the system of defensive ditches were filled with water.

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