Said Niyaz complex

Said Niyaz complex in Khiva

This structure was built by a rich merchant Said Niyaz in 1842. Now it is one of the popular tourist destinations of Khiva.

The constructions of the mosque is linked a legend that the works of the mosque was running only one master, and the remaining was carried by children. Each of the children who brought a brick was issued one walnut. In order to gather more nuts running children collected bricks, and for this reason the construction of the mosque was very rapid.

After completion the believers began to pray in the mosque. When Khan of Khiva saw this mosque that was erected by the merchant he said that this place should be blessed. And then here began the construction of madrasah. Thus this merchant became one of the popular people in Khiva and all people blessed him for his generosity.

Madrassah and minaret Sayyid Niaz Shalykarbay in Khiva

Ayvan summer mosque has three wooden columns, which displayed the best traditions of woodcarving of Khiva masters. The columns of patterned aivan turns written in Arabic script date Hijra of 1212 (1797) year. Iwan summer mosque traditionally turned on north. On the walls of aivan summer mosque was made ganch patterned panels.

Minaret rising to the top gives us an idea of the basic techniques of urban art Khiva. It is located to the left of the main entrance to the mosque and has very original and rich patterns of Khiva. At the top of the minaret pattern under "Sharaf" arched cornice executed Mesa.

On the upper part of the minaret, which is visible from all points of the city, is a spiral staircase inside it. Minaret has 24 meters with the diameter of its base 4.5 meters.

Visit Madrassah and minaret Sayyid Niaz Shalykarbay

Currently mosque operates as a cathedral (Jami) Mosque of Khiva and the district. It also houses the office of the Spiritual Administration of Muslims of Uzbekistan.

Discover this unique complex that was constructed by ordinary merchant that became famous for his generosity.

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