Muhammad Amin Madrasah

Muhammad Amin Madrasah

Muhammad Amin Madrasah was built in 1785 by the order of Mohammed Amin who was the first emir of Kungrat dynasty in Khiva. According to legend, in one of the rooms of the madrasah was burial Mohammed Amin or his younger son Qutlugh ball Murad Khan.

In 1935, some monuments in Khiva came in ruined condition, in the stories of old, working at the time for the restoration of monuments, madrasahs were found inside two graves.

Corpses found in the tomb were well preserved, except for the shroud they were still wrapped in the skin of animals. The madrasah has more than twenty hujras front window is decorated with a high portal without ornaments. On both sides of the zaportalnoy are stairs, lined square burnt bricks, roof exit madrasah.

Muhammad Amin Madrasah

Opposite this monument in 1799 was built Fazylbiy madrasah facing facade of central Mohammad Amin Madrasah making it a complex with him kosh - type madrasah, traditional in the East. During the reign of Muhammad Amin inak Fazylbiy served as Amir al Umar - Commander of troops of Khiva. This building was destroyed in 1945 - 1955.

Muhammad Amin Madrasah was restored in the late 1980s, after covering its interior courtyard with a device under Wedding House for townspeople of Khiva.

However, during restoration this monument was colorfully decorated with ganch patterns. Interior view of the building is gorgeous and unique. We recommend you to visit this inimitable sightseeing of Khiva.

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