Intangible heritage of Khiva

Intangible heritage of Khiva

Majestic architectural monuments, artistic heritage of great scientists, philosophers, poets have survived works miniature artists and potters, product masters of embroidery, weaving is passing down from generation to generation, traditions and customs.

All of this creates the unique image of Uzbekistan, a country where today there is a condition for the development of all kinds of national and modern art.

Intangible heritage of Khiva

Collections of national culture, crafts and traditions of Khiva are peculiar and unique. At the same time, intangible heritage of Khiva represents a broad palette of modern art of painting, sculpture, graphics, design, cinema, theater, national dance, weaving.

In Khiva is annually held many different events and festivals that reveal the culture, identity and the art of the people. They are accompanied with fair where you can buy products, souvenirs of local craftsmen, many of which are known far outside of Khiva.

Revival, preservation, promotion and further development of traditional arts and crafts are main objectives of preservation of inheritance of Khiva.

Multidimensional and systemic interactions allow implementing programs and projects aimed at promoting cultural identity in the region.

Here were opened workshops of textile, wood carving, jewelry, and much more. Thanks to the people who cannot imagine themselves without poetry, musical instrument - one of the few areas of applied art in Khiva, which has survived among the crafts in its original form.

Dances of various regions of Uzbekistan differ from one another in their plasticity, costumes and music. Khiva is also considered as a unique region in this area.


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