Bazaar of old Khiva

Bazaar of old Khiva

Bazaar of old Khiva is the busiest place of the city, particularly crowded here on Sundays. Market in Bukhara is a place of peculiar exhibition and sale of products of arts and crafts, household items, made by craftsmen; the strict patterns of carpets, small beads embroidery, various skullcaps, pottery, engraving on copper, musical instruments, and each successive link traced ancient art traditions of Khorezm.

If you want to really learn any Asian city to feel his pulse and look at non-tourist normal people, go immediately to the local market - here you will see everything.

Bazaar of old Khiva

In Khiva old bazaar is located near Eastern Palvan Darwaza center of Ichan-Kal. As in any large bazaar, then you can buy almost everything - nuts, dried fruit, Uzbek oriental sweets, pans, cotton blankets, illegal poppy fruit and vegetables, tea.

And secondly, the bazaar can be inexpensive and tasty for meal of national Uzbek cuisine - plov, grilled, soups, and other. In addition to actually exotic oriental bazaar Khiva in the immediate vicinity can be found at several tourist attractions.

Visit bazaar of old Khiva

Here are a number of old mausoleums Abdal Bobo with a small minaret and interesting Muslim cemetery, Palvan Kari madrasah, Said Shalikarbay Niyaz Mosque - both also with minarets. Also very noteworthy are oriental Palvan Darwaza with beautiful old carved doors and already inside the Ichan Kala, Ak- old mosque and baths Anush Khan.

Ancient cities of Uzbekistan are famous not only for its tourist attractions, but also bazaars. Everything we've learned that bazaars are often compared to some theater area with beautiful scenery (such beauty is designed mainly for tourists). We invite you to experience the atmosphere of the usual bazaar Khiva, where the indigenous people every day on buying food for their family, traded, meet friends. Do you plan to visit Khiva? Embark on one of the tours to Uzbekistan. And we will do everything to make your stay a positive experience with you for life.

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