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Khiva tours

One of the jewels of the East

Sacred atmosphere of the majestic spirit

Khiva is located at the western part of the country, on the other side of the largest deserts in Central Asia Kyzil Kum and Kara Kum, in the region of Khorezm.

The city has two distinct parts, Old Fortress or Ichan Kala, surrounded by a great wall of adobe bricks that reaches up to six meters wide in some places. In this part live more than three thousand people, while the population of another part of Khiva Dishan Kala exceeds 40 000 inhabitants.

Travel to Khiva. Feel the Medieval East with our tours.

After the splendid architecture of Samarkand and the edifice of Bukhara, the monumental buildings of Khiva may seem distant and not be so interesting at first. But this impression is wrong, because here you can find great number of small places that keep the eastern spirit of the past centuries bewitching you as the tales of Scheherazade.

In Khiva there are a lot of monuments clustered in small fortified areas, many of which have not been damaged and k in remote past and represent a diverse manifestation of Islamic art.

The evidence of khan dependencies, madrasas and mosques can be found within the walls surrounding the citadel of Ichan Kala in Khiva.

The spirit of the Oriental tale. Khiva tours.

The architecture of Khiva is usually young, in fact Khiva became capital of Khorezm in the first half of the nineteenth century and its rapid prosperity coincides with this period. But all that is presented before us is the result of the development of the rich architectural history of the ancient city.

Dive to the jewels of the East with Khiva Tours.

The city of Khiva is known from written sources from the tenth century AC. But archeological data approximate the date of its appearance until recent centuries. You have an opportunity to discover one of the most favorable places for travelling with Khiva tours.

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