Sightseeing in Karshi

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Yerkurgan settlement

Qok-goombas mosque

At the end of XVI century when Abdullakhon II was a ruler there was big construction in Central Asia. At that time the mosque Qok-goombas was built in Karshi.

Majestic springs of Kashkadarya

Dekhkanabad district of Kashkadarya region is surrounded by majestic mountains covered with evergreen firs. The clean mountain air of these places, transparent spring water is truly healing. This is probably why people are healthy, a lot of long-lived, and the old man with his staff - a rarity.

Petroglyphs of Siypantosh

Uzbekistan is one of the oldest centers of human culture. Evidence of this is known examples of cave paintings and inscriptions. Until today were studied more than a hundred other places. In Kashkadarya region was also found many petroglyphs as samples of ancient cultural heritage occupied by such monuments as the cave Langar - Konizor, Turk Kurgoni, settlement and Sapiltosh Siypantosh place - that is translated into Russian as "stone worship."

Sufi monastery Langar ota

Langar mountain village and the memorial Langar ota complex is located at the foot of the Zarafshan range in Kamashinsky area in Karshi region, and is situated 70 km to the south of Shahrisabz. Weary traveler, reaching the Langar, will be rewarded in full. Here are unique picturesque views where you can indulge in meditation, to touch eternity and feel part of the universe.

Maidanak Astrophysical Observatory

In the heart of Uzbekistan, on top Maydanak mountain there is a unique observatory. It is located 55 kilometers south of the town of Kitab in Kashkadarya region. The name Maidanak can be translated from Uzbek as "Maidan-ok" - "white space" or "white mountain". Any scientist-astronomer will tell you that at least one time heard about this place. And if you know a word like astroclimate, then sure, you know that Maidanak one of the best on the planet!

Kuruksay: miracle of nature

Tourists who are visiting Kashkadarya ask to take them to the mountain village Kuruksay. Here you'll see two miracles of nature, which the local people call "Rocking Stone" and "Stone cleansing" that are located close to each other.

Kitab Reserve

In the world there are so many unique monuments of nature and one of them is Kitab State Geological Reserve that was created in 1979. This reserve is considered to be a new environmentally protected area, to serve as a natural research ground for processing fundamentals of geology - stratigraphy, paleontology, sedimentology and other disciplines.

Gumbaz Mausoleum

Gumbaz complex was constructed in XIII century by order of the famous ruler Ulugbek (1394 - 1449), grandson of Tamerlan in Karshi. Tomb along with other buildings is a single and unique memorial architectural complex.

You are always in our hearts

The eternal flame symbolizes the everlasting memory of those who gave their lives for peace and tranquility, no matter who he could win the victory. Memory we cherish. In each city of the CIS has alley, dedicated to the fallen in the World War 2.

Ancient stones or Old Bridge of Nicholas

In Central Asia there are many surviving unique structures such as magnificent architectural ensembles of Bukhara and Samarkand, Tashkent mosque and minarets.

Sardoba as a most bewitching sight of Karshi

Since ancient times people did not like the abundance of rain and water in Kashkadarya territory. In some places there appears a real desert, where inexperienced traveler may die of thirst and under the scorching sun.

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