Museum of Berdakh

Museum of Berdakh

Berdakh Museum is a real treasure of cultural heritage of the Uzbekistan. Unique museum contains several exhibits that reflect the culture, history, ethnography of Karakalpakstan. The museum was opened in 1997, under the Karakalpak University, in honor of the 100th anniversary from the birth of the great poet, historian and thinker Berdakh.

He is regarded as the first historian of the Karakalpak people, in his work "Shezhire" - genealogy of the whole people - raised a lot of historical facts, names, and information about the history and ethnography of the region. The museum building was specially designed and adorned with unusual design.

Museum of Berdakh in Karakalpakstan

There are themed rooms with archaeological, ethnographic collection, a collection of works of art. In the hall of the manuscripts are stored earliest written records, and in the future the museum is scheduled to open Restoration Center.

Most of the exhibits of the Museum found during archaeological excavations at the ancient settlement Koykrylgan Kala (III century BC) and Tuprak Kala (VI century BC). From the palace of Tuprak Kala in the museum were transported fragments of wall paintings, ancient sculptures, statues.

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Exhibition of Middle Ages devoted to the set of models of buildings and structures, as well as fragments of architectural decoration of facades of buildings, cladding, art and more.

The museum presents the history of region starting from the time of settlement of the area in the Stone Age. 

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