Jizzakh. The city with captivating nature


The city with captivating nature

Jizzakh is a town from oriental tales that bewitch every guest with its own silk production.

When you visit this eastern town you can not only enjoy the unique chef-d'oeuvres of silk, but also to get acquaint with local people who will tell you about the life and history of Margilan better than any guide book.

Beautiful scenery of the town of Golden Valley will leave unforgettable impressions and present moments of tranquility and peace, imbued with the atmosphere of mystery. This nature stores still vivid moments of the past.

In Jizzakh region there are large reservoirs - rivers Zaaminsu, Sanzar; channel Eski Tuyatartar, with Turkestan and Nuratin ridges running down Achisai, Jalayir, Rawat and others.

Enjoy unique tours to Jizzakh.

Jizzakh. The city with captivating nature

Historical evidence about the city

Jizzakh city appeared at the place one of the oldest settlements of trade in Central Asia. The first mention in the diaries of Arab travelers refers to the X century. before the Arab conquest of the city of Djizak was considered one of the largest cities Ustrushana (early medieval region in Central Asia, part of the Sughd).

In the I - IV century on the orders of the Kushan rulers at the entrance to the city fortress was built.

In the VIII century, the city was surrounded by a wall, which was restored many times in the future.

Jizzakh. The city with captivating nature

Jizzakh travel: Formula of Attractiveness

The area is famous for the magnificent National Recreation Area, the resort Zaamin. It located in the south Jizzak. In 1926, the area was the first in the country to protect the reserve Turkestan juniper. Then, during the war it was closed, and in 1960 was restored again. Reserve together with the National Park covers an area of ??20,000 hectares. Nature here is unique and could bewitch any visitor. Juniper trees reach a height of 10 meters, and their age is between 120 and 800 years. Up to now, there are numerous single relic junipers age to 2.5 million years.

This city is also known for its architecture. Painted ceilings, medieval decor, the incredible beauty of painting, as well as fragrant garden around - all this does not leave anyone indifferent. Therefore, we recommend visiting these monuments.

Cuisine with various preferences, national color, masterpieces of art, spirituality of local people and spreading legends that are kept from remote time – all this cannot be compared with other cities of Uzbekistan. It is truly unique place that shift every visitor to tale and bewitch with unforgettable atmosphere.

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