Weaving factory of Margilan

Weaving factory of Margilan

Among the cities of Uzbekistan Margilan is famous not only for its architectural landmarks, but also for gorgeous silk products. It is here that is silk-weaving factory "Yodgorliq", famous throughout the world Khan-atlas handmade.

Two thousand years ago, here arose magnificent art of the masters of the Valley. In 7-8 centuries began to breed silkworm cocoons. The best silk products of Marghilan were transported across the Silk Road.

Weaving factory of Margilan

Now plant Yodgorliq is the best and one of the largest manufacture of silk products handmade in Uzbekistan. The factory was built in 1972 and now attracts tourists because here you can see the complete process of making silk from cocoons of the preparation to finished material.

Techniques and methods of processing raw materials and manufacturing technology of finished fabrics passed down from generation to generation for almost 2 thousand years. Masters factory "Yodgorliq" to this day does not only produce silk, but also cotton fabrics for this unique traditional technology: khan-atlas (Royal Silk), adras, shoyi (Shokhi), snipe and others.

Visit weaving factory of Margilan

Today, as in the heyday of the Great Silk Road, fabrics of indescribable beauty are exported to various countries, including Germany, India, Russia, Korea, and others. Here you cannot only see the process of creating masterpieces of art, but also to buy a piece of Margilan silk, made by hands of true masters.

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