The Holy Land Retaining Through The Centuries

Shahimardan is a small village located 50 km away from Fergana. It captivates many visitors with its charm, so we encourage you to visit this corner of paradise in the middle of the eastern Fergana Valley.

Travel to Shahimardan will immerse every guest in the fascinating world of extraordinary sights, going on a journey through the history of the route medieval times. You will have an opportunity to learn the unique monuments of nature, which fascinated tourists from all over the world for many decades.

Thanks to the beauty of these picturesque places the journey into the city will bring you a lot of pleasant experiences and memories.

Shahimardan history. On the trail of legends

Every traveler who wants to go to Shahimardan, looking forward to seeing the beautiful mountain countryside, filled with life-giving air of the foothills of the Alai Range. It is an ancient land, covered with legends. One of them is connected with the name of the landscaped town Kadam-Jai that located in the entrance to the mountain pass on the way to the settlement Shahimardan.

The origin and meaning of the name of the town, which is in the local language means as s step-Place or Place of Next can be explained by one legend. In ancient times horse of St Ali, having made the jump with his rider through the local gorge, left a trail of his hooves on the rocks. That is why the meaning of name referred to the saint legend.

And here was built mosque of Hazrat Ali in the early 20th century. And only 10 years ago, it has been completely renovated.

From all corners of the world, people come here to enjoy the unique monuments of nature and feel the life of the surrounding people that are still living in this city.
Discover the immemorial history and magnificence of Shahimardan with our company Peopletravel and order one of the Impressive tours to the heart of Asia. All ancient riddles and mysteries of Shahimardan will not leave you indifferent.

Sightseeing Shahimardan.

Anyone who goes into this serene city expects to meet with scenic nature. Breath of the mountains gives unique feeling for travelers and it is not surprising that this redolent town is recommended for visiting in all travel guides.

You will find many fascinating sights of Shahimardan. The Mosque, which was built in the city, also known as Mosque of Ali Shrine that became a place of pilgrimage for many people around the world, because according to the the legend it is a last place of stay of Hazrat Ali. And its name this mosque acquired by the incredibly beautiful lining that shimmers in the midday light, creating a unique image of a Muslim shrine. But it is worth noting that this view of the mosque was given by modern restorers.

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