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Rishtan is one of those places that amateurs ofbreathtaking scenery should definitely visit, the extraordinary beauty of thelandscapes, hospitable people and the incredibly beautiful masterpieces of theceramic artists - are not all things that attract people from over the world.

After all, it is famous for its Rishtan ceramicartists. This craft survived thanks to several families of craftsmen, conveyingsecrets from generation to generation. Rishtan pottery stands out by wealth ofdecor. Recognize the ceramics of this ancient city is not difficult.

The blue color is dominated in these pieces of art. Mastersfrom Rishtan have kept the recipe immortal majolica, the color of which doesnot tarnish with time.


Travel to Rishtan: History stretching back into the centuries.

According to historical research, this town wasfounded more than 2000 years ago. As the eastern gate in Transoxiana, Rishtanwas the center of a lucrative trade with Kashgar. It is the birthplace of manygreat poets of Uzbekistan. The city reached the peak of its prosperity in theera of the dynasty of Tamerlane. For centuries, Rishtan served as the easterngateway to the valley oases.

Rishtan was located on site of an ancient caravanroute that once linked the several cities of the ancient East. Here once stoodcaravanserai. The only landmark preserved in an earthquake in 1902 is a miracle- grand madrasah built in the late XIX century that has a length of about 123square meters.

The area under the open sky Hurmanchilik is worldfamous craftsmen place where are working number of artists for embossing,embroidery artists. Here you can buy their fascinating wares that could bewitchyou with oriental elements.

Rishtan is a town that can be proud of its nature:mountains, valleys, forests, lakes and rivers – make the reason why it can becalled as Central Asian piece of Switzerland.
Discover the incomparable history and splendor of Rishtan with your guide to spellbinding East Peopletravel and order one of the captivating tours to the heart of Asia. All ancient riddles andmysteries of Rishtan will not leaveyou indifferent.


Attractions of Rishtan. Travel toUzbekistan

At all times, the East treated to travelers andmerchants with great respect and reverence. Their safety and freedom ofmovement has always been a matter of national importance under all dynastiesand reigns. Curious and hungry for all new the East absorbed different ideas,cultures and traditions like a sponge, generously sharing his achievements.

The famous "Eastern hospitality" is not justa word - it's a philosophy that has its roots back centuries, and which cannotbe undone under any social and political change. The generosity and hospitalityof Uzbek people you will be able to experience in Rishton.

Travel to Rishtan will plunge every guest into the fascinating world of breathtaking sights, going on a journey through pagesof the history from oriental tales. You will have a chance to learn uniquemonuments of nature, which bewitch tourists from all over the world for manydecades.

Our company offers lastingimpression of the beautiful places, old relics and monuments.


So what exactly attracts touristsfrom different countries in Rishton?

Of course, the first reason is an ancient history andvibrant culture, sung by the ancient Greeks and Romans. For centuries the Eastwas a source of knowledge and spirituality. And since that time the Silk Roadbegan to serve as a link to the interpenetration and development of variouscultures.

The world spreaded eastern knowledge, eastern cultureand attitude. The fashion of the East With arises with a steady persistence andit has a powerful influence on all spheres of life - thinking, choice ofreligion, the realities of everyday life, art, cooking, clothing, design, andmore.

Captivated by East the Europeans have been making translationsof ancient texts for centuries, devoting East proceedings, creating literaryand artistic works. Eastern theme occupies a significant place in the music,especially the opera and ballet. Today in modern popular music there is a synthesisof European and Oriental melodies.

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