Fergana. The city of pearl scenery


The Mystery Of Medieval City

The nature of Fergana is unique. There are endless plains and deserts, green oases and majestic mountain ranges. In areas of unequalled landscapes, rare species of plants and animals were created national parks.cuisine.

Here you can meet and dunes, Saxaul groves and takyrs, sandy and rocky steppes, the area with fertile soil and impenetrable thickets, riparian forests and majestic mountains with an incredible diversity of flora and fauna.

Here creates the comfortable conditions for travel and leisure, where everyone can choose something for himself. You can choose to try romantic walking or going through the steep slopes and rocky areas, rivers and through mountain valleys.

Fergana. The Mystery Of Medieval City

History of Fergana. Sacred atmosphere of the majestic spirit

Fergana became a third largest city in the Golden Valley with a population of 220,000 people. Founded in 1820, 20 km from the ancient city Margilan, it was named the New Margilan, in 1907 became Skobelev, in honor of the first military governor, and finally in 1927, borrowed the name from Fergana valley.

The city quickly blossomed into a perspective commercial and religious center, competing for gifts of Central Asia with Bukhara and Khiva khanates.

A sweeping driveway of Fergana spread like a fan from the old military fortress, recalling design of Tashkent. Parks, fountains, russian architecture reinforce the similarity and contrast with the Uzbek Islamic Margilan.

Fergana. The Mystery Of Medieval City

Sightseeing in Fergana.

Anyone who goes into this serene city expects to meet with scenic nature. Breath of the mountains gives unique feeling for travelers and it is not surprising that this redolent town is recommended for visiting in all travel guides.

Fergana Mountains are the most attractive places in Golden valley. Getting there, in the heart of the mountains, you involuntarily feel yourself akin to caveman, because in all directions from you wander woven cave passages. You will see the ancient monuments of Zoroastrianism, Islam and captivating solar symbols.

Particularly curious people can climb to the mountain, which offers an excellent view of the city. Here can be seen the whole city as in the palm of your hand, you can stand for long periods and admire the splendor of the landscape below - seething city life, away - breathing calm and confidence of Giant Mountains.

The Fergana attracts many visitors from all corner of the globe and impresses them by amazing historical facts, marvelous sights and openhearted people.


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