This bewitching town fascinates people with the peculiar atmosphere that gets inside, takes up residence in the soul and emerges with warm memories. It is a special, amazing town with own character. East is a philosophy, a way of thinking and way of life. And in these oriental towns such as Chustyou can forget about the time and immerse into one of the legends of Scheherazade’s tale.

Chust is an ancient center of arts and crafts. The attractiveness of Chustis in its beauty and simplicity of charming nature and people.

This city of Namangan region is one of the oldest settlements on the territory of the Ferghana Valley. Chust is located near Bronze Age settlement.

One of the main attractions of the city is a park with many rides and a caf?. People come here to relax with all charm of the Valley. In the park there is a burial place of holy righteous man who discovered the source of holy water according to legend. Every visitor of the park should drink this water.

At its center there is a minaret of LutfulloMavlanov - one of the greatest monuments of the past.The city has cotton factory, arts factory, running a museum of the poet and educator Muhammad sharifSufizade.


This town is popular among many visitors as an art center. In the Middle Ages, elegant and ornate belt knife was considered a sign of courage and nobility of the military aristocracy. Expensive weapons have always been highly appreciated not only in Central Asia, but also far beyond its borders. One of the most ancient centers of metal processing and manufacturing of iron weapons was the Ferghana Valley.

Metal products from Kokand, Andijan and other cities in the valley have been in wide use from Khorasan to Baghdad. And today, gunsmith craft has not lost its relevance. Thus, the most famous production of traditional fishing knives is located in Chust - center of blacksmith art.In Chust is located a quarter of gunsmiths that is very popular among guests of this town.

This town is famous not only for the knifes, but also for a Chust skullcaps. This skullcap is rectangular in shape, but if it is folded in half, it becomes flat and very mobile. It is convenient to put in your pocket or inside the jacket.

On top on each of its sides embroidered pen that can easily be taken for a cloud or a pod of pepper. Chustcraftsmen name it as portray almonds, but ethnographers see a pattern as a conventional image of a rooster - a symbol of life.


At the bottom of skullcap, four on each side, embroidered with tiny tent, however, they are also easy to take for weightless white clouds. They are embroidered in white on a black or greenish- black silk. These components are unchanged.

Many villages of Uzbekistan in antiquity of the Great Silk Road create unforgettable picture of the Pearls of East. Cities such as Samarkand, Bukhara, Khiva, Shakhrisabzand Chust have always been considered as the oriental cultural centers. The beauty and many attractions can impress any traveler bewitching with amazing discoveries.

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