Khoja Nasreddin monument in Bukhara

The bronze monument to Khoja Nasreddin is located in the central city square of Bukhara, not far from the ensemble Lyabi-Khauz. Perhaps this is the most photographed landmark of the city. Firstly, the sculpture is in the center, and secondly, this character is simply loved. Perhaps it is he who brings a touch of joy and laughter in the old atmosphere of traditional buildings.

The monument to Khoja Nasreddin in Bukhara was installed in 1979. And the author is the sculptor Yakov Shapiro. The sculpture is made of bronze and installed on a rectangular pedestal.

monument to Khoja Nasreddin in Bukhara

Khoja Nasreddin is a nationwide East Asian hero who combines the incompatible - simplicity and wisdom, experience and naivety, traditionalism and originality. His unpredictability and ability to enjoy life have always been and will be close to the peoples of the east.

Wit, wisdom, eloquence, masterly possession of the word - these are the main features of Khoja Nasreddin. In his stories he tactfully ridicules greedy rulers, hypocrites, cowards, bribe takers and other human vices. Finding a nonstandard way out of any situation and skillfully tracing fools around his finger, he everywhere talks about his adventures in a humorous form, gaining widespread fame over time. Thus, the literary hero Khoja Nasreddin becomes the people's favorite of the entire multi-ethnic people of Central Asia.

The monument in Bukhara depicts Khoja riding on his donkey, with whom he rarely separated. On his head, dressed in traditional clothes, Khoja skullcap, on his feet are oriental shoes with curved noses. A sly smile spread across a kind face, and his left hand flapped in greeting. Reins are thrown back, because the donkey still does not want to go anywhere.

Nasreddin Hodja monument

Currently, near the monument there are always a lot of people, especially children. And it is not without reason. There is a belief that if you put a small child on a donkey, his whole life will be filled with joy and fun, that is why they now and then climb around the donkey. Approaching Khoja Nasreddin and looking at his cunning smile, you instantly charge with fun and good mood is guaranteed for the whole day. Perhaps that is why there is always a big line of tourists near the monument to Khoja Nasreddin. Tourists want to take pictures and get unforgettable happy emotions.

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