Central bazaar of Bukhara

Central bazaar of Bukhara

Central bazaar of ancient city Bukhara is the oldest and the biggest market of the city. Huge numbers of people with bags, buckets, nets. And the feeling that these people simply do not notice that surrounds them. Bazaars of Bukhara are reserved in its historic district and abundance of wealth and exoticism.

Here are handmade carpets with amazing patterns, tablecloths with colorful hand-embroidered, homespun blankets, embroidered with gold, silk exceptionally beautiful in color and texture, folk musical instruments, national toys, tableware, jewelry and ornaments.

Central bazaar in Bukhara

All of this is sold to the still shopping arcade with domed ceilings, built in the XVI century on the crossroads as dome of jewelers, dome of hat sellers and dome for exchange.

We looked into the shop wizard copper affairs, admired his work, and went to a few other shops. You don’t need target to buy something for coming here; you can talk about the intricacies of the business, about the art transmitted from fathers to these merchants. However, the Bukhara central bazaar is not so large compared with bazaars in other cities of Uzbekistan where you should go for large wholesale purchases. Just come to Uzbekistan and visit more picturesque places!

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You can seemingly lose in the ranks, sheltered from the sun roofs of these structures connecting courtyards. Here is like in the museum: leather and copper jugs, decorative bags and just the head of it all were spinning. Bazaar tightened, each counter attracted by its unique something, buy it all was completely unrealistic, so mostly you can male photos of it.

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