Bakhauddin Nakshbandi Mausoleum

Bakhauddin Nakshbandi Mausoleum

Noble spiritual authority

Located near Bukhara the memorial complex of Bakhauddin Nakshbandi is considered as one of the most significant religious places of Bukhara that attracts many visitors as well as pilgrims.

The memorial was rebuilt several times in XIV - each Emir of Bukhara wanted to build something new near the mausoleum. However, the preserved monument achieved our days in order to keep magnificent history of the Bukhara city. This complex impresses with its incomparable style of oriental architecture, which reflects the spirit of the Sufi Order.

Bakhauddin Nakshbandi Mausoleum

The noble spiritual authority of this place gives it the special place for our national inheritance. It is believed that three pilgrimages to the necropolis of Sheikh Bahauddin Naqshbandi are equivalent of pilgrimage to Mecca. If you decided to travel to Uzbekistan you have made a right choice, becauce there you can see unique places of interest like Bahauddin Naqshbandi mausoleum.

This mausoleum is assigned to be one of the most precious parts of the cultural heritage of Uzbekistan, which is carefully stored and passed through the generations.

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