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Why travel to Andijan is so necessary!

Uzbekistan is a big country, and in order to learn the culture, history, way of life of people, it is necessary to cover the whole country, including Andijan, especially as because it is worthy of Andijan city tours.

Andijan is a pearl of the Golden Valley, ancient, like the Silk Road itself. It is a city that stands under the hot Asian sun, among the shady orchards. In the city, there are also numerous attractions that you can see during the sightseeing tours to Andijan.

Among the monuments of history the most famous is the complex "Jami", which includes the mosque, madrassah, the tomb of the commander and the museum of Babur. The city-park Khanabad is very popular too. In the city there are many stores and shops, where a tourist during his or her trip in Andijan, can buy various handmade souvenirs. These are ceramics, fabrics, handmade carpets, gold and silver ornaments and much more.

Unforgettable tours to Andijan 2018 from Peopletravel

Our company organizes unique tours to Andijan, which differ in their ideas. These are tours of the places of natural monuments, architectural attractions, workshops of folk art, shrines and much more.

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Andijan guided tours from Peopletravel are tours of high quality and service. Ordering a tour to Andijan from our professional company, you do not have to worry about accommodation, transfer, tickets to museums and monuments, and much more.

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