Andijan sightseeing

Tourist attractions of Andijan: brief excursion

The guest in Asia has always been surrounded by special honor and respect. For guests of Uzbekistan, we offer excursions around the city of Andijan - the most eastern densely populated city in Uzbekistan.

A beautiful sunny city in recent years is even more attractive thanks to new places of interest in Andizhan. Modern buildings, the network of entertainment and shopping centers are built.

Andijan is the most eastern point of Uzbekistan, arguing with Samarkand and Namangan for the title of the second largest city (410 thousand inhabitants) of the country.

In addition to new buildings there are many ancient structures and monuments in Andijan. 30 kilometers from Andijan, there is an old site of Ershi. Andijan region is also known for its sacred places. The most famous of them is Teshik-Tash, which is a boulder. Among other famous Andijan sights are shrines of Imam-Ota, Tuzlik Masar, Ok Gur, Shirmanbulak spring. In Andijan, Babur's house, which is open to visitors, has survived to this day.

Among the sights of Andijan the most famous is the complex "Jami", which includes a mosque, a madrassa, a tomb of a commander, a museum of Babur). The city-park Khanabad is very popular. It is also called "Uzbek Switzerland". In this park rare tree species of European and Asian species are planted. Park after Babur takes an area of ​​300 hectares, on its territory is a museum, the exposition of which is dedicated to the world culture. Its collection contains a large number of unique literary works, telling about the mode of life of the peoples of Asia.

In the center of the city is another tourist attraction in Andijan. It is a "row of artisans" - an ethnographic museum in the open air. There are still masters who support centuries-old traditions of ancestors. In the outskirts of the city you can see the ancient settlement of Markhamat and the ruins of the city of Kuva.

Andijan sightseeing

Good smiles of mischievous children and aksakals, high skullcaps, famous Andijan pilaf from "red" rice, craftsmen's shops, shady plane trees, fields covered with sunflowers and cotton boxes, the smell of spices and melons on the market, minarets and domes of old mosques - all skillfully intertwines with a modern city, big shopping centers, evening walks at musical fountains and hundreds of night lights. All this will remain in the memory of those who visit Andijan and its sights.

List of Andijan sightseeing:

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