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Surrounded by picturesque landscapes, the city of Andijan is comfortably located in the Fergana Valley, its southeastern part. Andijan can be proud not only of its age, which is more than 2,000 years, but also the evidence that the member of the Timurid dynasty was born here. He was Zakhiredin Mukhamad Bobur, a well-known poet and great military leader who initiated the empire of the Great Moguls on the territory of ancient India.
Andijan is a major trade point on the Great Silk Road, the ancient handicraft center of the region.

Thanks to its location and many secrets that the city of Andijan is keeping, there are always a lot of tourists and history buffs here. Travelers go to Andijan to look at ancient monuments, enjoy nature or watch the manufacturing process of some kind of folk art, which Andijan is famous for.

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Despite the richest history of Andijan, there are practically no significant historical monuments. The majority was destroyed during the Mongol invasion in the thirteen century. In 1902, a powerful earthquake occurred in Andijan. It resulted in the destruction of almost all the ancient architectural constructions.

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The only building that survived during the earthquake in 1902 is the Friday mosque with the minaret and madrassah (religious school) Jami. The structure impresses with its size.
Andijan Museum of Local History has a rich collection of various exhibits (about 70 thousand), relating to archeology, ethnography, fine arts and applied arts

Andijan city

Andijan people piously honor the memory of their great countryman. The equestrian monument of Babur is erected in the core city.  The university, the library and one of the streets are named after his name. On the hill Bagishamal, where, according to the author of Babur-name, there was his hujra with aivan, the Babur national park with a majestic architectural complex is located. There are more than fifty varieties of fruit and ornamental trees.

The central park named after Alisher Navoi also attracts visitors. Its distinguishing feature is the café, which is under the wing of the monumental sculpture of the happiness bird "Semurg",. In the old part of Andijan, travelers are attracted by the memorial museum of Babur, the Khozhar Noib madrassah, built in the 14th century.

Andijan is famous for its masters in ceramics and artistic chasing. The gold and silver ornaments of Andijan masters are known far beyond its borders. Uzbek national knives and daggers, gracefully embroidered scarfs and skullcaps, national shoes and handmade dolls are excellent souvenirs for the memory of Andijan and Uzbekistan.

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city of Andijan

Today Andijan is the administrative, industrial, machine-building and agricultural center in the Andijan region.

The city of the time is the large center of arts and crafts in Uzbekistan. This is pottery and stucco ceramics, unique embroidery of national skullcaps, a magnificent painting of the knives of various types, as well as cold weapons.

Andijan and its environs are rightly considered a paradise of the Fergana Valley.
Here nature created ideal climatic conditions for the farming of cotton, melons, grapes, mulberries and other fruits and vegetables.

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