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Tours to Turkmenistan

Whole year long Peopletravel offers mysterious Tours to Turkmenistan – the country with true natural treasures. Turkmenistan has a distinguishing feature from its Central Asian neighbors: the country has an outlet to Caspian Sea. At the same time most part of Turkmenistan is covered by burning sand of Kara-Kum desert. This is the country of subtropics, oases, nature reserves, as well as historical and cultural monuments and mausoleums.

People making tour to Turkmenistan prefer to book hotels online and request cheap tour, because this makes their trip easier and cost-effective. Here you can enjoy the Kugitang caves, lakes with deep blind fishes, Plateau of 200 million years Dinosaurs, with traces of the giant animals in the hardened lava.

Turkmenistan Trips developed by Peopletravel include: Old Nisa (UNESCO World Heritage Site), the earliest of Parthian Empire capitals, Kipchak village with the biggest mosque in Turkmenistan and the family mausoleum of the first President, different historical Museums, city of Bagabad, featuring the citadel of an important Timurid-period centre and the ruins of the Seyit Jemaleddin mosque.

Turkmenistan is also famous for its wonderful carpets and Akhal–Teke horse breed which is very valuable and ancient. The places yet untouched by civilization, local culture, traditions and the national cuisine will make your trip to Turkmenistan unforgettable.

Classical tours to Turkmenistan

Tour 1

Tour 1

Ashgabat - Mary - Gonur Depe - Dashagus - Ashgabat

Tour 2

Tour 2

Ashgabat - Mary - Darvaza - Bokurdak - Dashoguz - Ashgabat

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