Skiing & Snowboarding in Uzbekistan

Skiing & Snowboarding tour in Uzbekistan could be an ideal solution to a family vacation dilemma and the perfect antidote to the winter blues. With appearance of new snow, comes the thrill of exploring new places, enjoying beautiful views, and finding “secret” spots where you can spend your best ski touring season. Peopletravel offers fabulous range of adventure filled winter vacations in Uzbekistan throughout the picturesque sights of Western Tian–Shan Mountains, located just 100 km away from Tashkent.

If you're reasonably fit and fancy a challenge, then a Trip to ski resorts of Uzbekistan will open up a whole new dimension in your annual holiday agenda. If you are new to skiing, it can be very exciting prospect. Our professional coaches will train you taking care of your safety.

The Beldersai and Chimgan Mountain skiing resorts will cater for all levels of ability. We offer you a captivating holiday destination for mountain skiing, snowboarding and other activities such as horse riding, climbing and hiking. Chimgan skiing resort is particularly well-catered for family holidays and ski beginners. Beldersay in turn welcomes skilled skiers and snowboarders to do ski traverses and big ski mountaineering ascents!

Skiing & Snowboarding in Uzbekistan  Skiing & Snowboarding in Uzbekistan

Ski-Tracks in Uzbekistan

Ski-tracks of "Chimgan":
Chimgan skiing resort has several routes and types of complexities. A ski-track for beginning skiers, extended up to 1500 m has a rope-tow lift, considered as "blue" tracks long, flat, and easy.
The ski-track for slalom is extended up to 900 m and equipped with chair lift and classified as a "red" track of mid level difficulty.

Height of "Big Chimgan": 3309 m.
Length of the chair lift road: 800 m.
Overfall of heights: 385 m.
Length of the rope-tow: 570 m.
Overfall of heights: 250 m.

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Mountain resorts of Uzbekistan  Skiing & Snowboarding tour in Uzbekistan

Ski-tracks of “Beldersay”:
Beldersay sport mountain-skiing center is located in natural boundary at the height of 1,500 m. The center is 4-5 km away from Chimgan mountain-skiing complex. The snow here lays from December till May. Basically Beldersay ski-tracks are intended for skilled mountain skiers, but there are also good conditions for beginners.
Descents carried out from mountain Kumbel sloping in skiing area have smoothed relief (steepness up to 30 degrees) with no deep gorges and canyons. Kumbel Mountain is equipped by chair lift road (length 2250 m) and further proceeds on rope-tow lift (length 700m) till the top.

Mountain resorts of Uzbekistan   Mountain resorts of Uzbekistan


We will meet you at the Tashkent Airport and transfer to Chimgan/Beldirsay, where you accommodate in the hotel of mounting skiing resorts. You will be given time to rest, before our guide will show you the area.

In the course of the Ski Tour you are free to ski as much as you desire and choose a skiing route according to your own wishes. Upon your request we will create all the necessary conditions as arranging you a SUV to get to the route that can also be a descent of virgin snow (backcountry).

We can also include into Program a fascinating excursion on Uzbekistan’s remote district by horses, visiting Uzbek villages and other spots of interest.

On your last day of skiing we will transfer you back to Tashkent. After arrival and accommodation in hotel, you will be offered an interesting sightseeing tour in Tashkent.

Upon your request the other cities as Bukhara, Samarkand, Khiva etc. can be added to Program and your Tour to Uzbekistan will be extended into a journey along the Great Silk Road.


Peopletravel offers choice of skiing accommodation as hotels and chalets ideal for all budgets.

Skiing & Snowboarding tour in Uzbekistan Skiing & Snowboarding tour in Uzbekistan

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