Self driving in Uzbekistan

Self-Driving in Uzbekistan Route One

Tashkent – Sentab – Bukhara – Khiva – Bukhara – Samarkand – Tashkent

Self-Driving in Uzbekistan Route Two

Tashkent – Sentab – Bukhara – Baysun – Termez – Shahrisabz – Samarkand – Tashkent

Self-Driving in Uzbekistan Route 3

Tashkent – Sentab – Yurt Camp – Bukhara – Shahrisabz – Samarkand – Tashkent

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Car rental in Uzbekistan

Self-driving tourism - travel of people to countries or areas when the main means of transportation are private or rented cars. Self-driving is a specific kind of tourism.

First travels on private vehicles began to occur with the development of the automotive industry in the early XX century, but this type of tourism has gained the greatest popularity in the post-war period. During this period, the car companies actively released new models of personal transportation, and government started to build extensive motorways.

Car rental in Uzbekistan

Today, services of self-driving in Uzbekistan are provided by specialized agencies, one of which is Peopletravel Company. The company offers self-driving tours around Uzbekistan and Central Asia. The staff of Peopletravel Company engaged in the development of routes, selection of hotels, visa applications and of course car rental in Uzbekistan. Nevertheless, this type of travel has become the most attractive by the reason that tourists are able to plan their trip independently, without adjusting to the schedules of trains and planes.

Self-drive in Uzbekistan is one of the most gripping types of tourism. Traveling by car you will fully feel your freedom. Choosing self-drive tours around Uzbekistan in your vacation or just a weekend break, you are guaranteed to get a lot of impressions and nice pictures.

Self-driving in Uzbekistan is a wonderful way to spend time, to see new areas and meet with a number of interesting people. Of course, for this you need to have such qualities as optimism, the ability to go on the adventure and the desire to discover every time something new. Self-drive in Uzbekistan is not limited to one country. Very often people who are attracted by this holiday, have it in neighboring countries. Self-driving tours of Uzbekistan are also easily organized. To do this, you just need to choose a place where you can make beautiful photos, and invite friends.

Self driving in Uzbekistan

Tourists who prefer car rental in Uzbekistan rather than travel by plane, train or other mode of transport, are now becoming more and more. And this is natural, because self-drive in Uzbekistan is profitable and interesting.

Fascinating self-drive tours around Uzbekistan can become for you the most interesting adventure, about which you will with pleasure tell your friends, and with the best will write an essay or even a book.

Advantages of self driving tours around Uzbekistan

So, what can motivate people to go for self-driving in Uzbekistan? We think first of all it is a passion for freedom. Such travel is chosen by people who are oppressed with traditional tours with their exact schedule, planed excursions, the need to get up to a certain time, do what is provided by the program.

Here, you are your own masters. You can make an unscheduled stop at the place you like, or stay longer, or instead of visiting the museum you may go fishing

Self drive tours of Uzbekistan

Secondly, self-driving tours around Uzbekistan are often more informative and "contact." When you spend more time in the field of your interest, you can come into closer contact with them and with the people who live there.

Group tours usually take place in a very high pace; tourists depend on the guide, each other and the time of the various monuments.

Planning the route of self-driving in Uzbekistan with Peopletravel Company

Self-drive in Uzbekistan today is much more affordable than it was before. Managers of our company will give useful advice on the choice of rent a car in Uzbekistan, about what to look when preparing for a particular trip, that can come in handy on the road, how to choose the route, which attractions are useful to visit. Auto traveler will receive information about the roads, the infrastructure on the route, weather conditions at different times of the year

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