Unique temple was discovered in Khorezm

Unique temple was discovered in Khorezm

The temple of worshipers is a unique monument of Zoroastrianism - the oldest of the world religions, that was excavated in Khorezm. It became another convincing proof of the views of Uzbek scientists that ancient Khorezm is the cradle of Zoroastrianian religion.

For all the identified features the temple is not only the largest in the territory of Khorezm, but in all of Central Asia

New materials have confirmed the original assumption about the time of the operation of the temple - V century BC. At the end of this century or the beginning of next temple was destroyed. In this area, half a century later began to form waste dump ceramic production.

Khorasmians carefully preserve them inherited from past centuries unique architectural and written records, making a significant contribution to the economy and culture of the region at the current stage of development.

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