The elusive layers of history

The elusive layers of history

The Gallery Art and Fact held a retrospective exhibition of Max Penson.

It dedicated to the 120th anniversary of the birth of the legendary Uzbek photographer. Max Penson, a lifelong artist, set himself the task fixing rapid changes taking place in Uzbekistan. He tried to turn every shot into an artistic metaphor. In the photo he saw the continuation and development of painting, new content and display an understanding of reality.

There are two features work Penson: unusual angle images, volume, geometry, and the sense of space and the common people, taken from the top or something a little bit from the side. That is so expressive; it seems that we are close to them.

Archive it has long been forgotten, and miraculously survived. Helped his children one day appreciate the significance of his father's old photos. In addition to the aesthetic pleasure of the last century the art of photography exhibition by Max Penson allows modern young people see life forefathers without embellishment.

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