Photo Exhibition in Tashkent

Photo Exhibition in Tashkent

The aim of the exhibition is to present a portrait of the emigrants. It narrates about the joy of victory and the success stories of these people with artistic and eloquent language of photography.

There are recognizable people in Tashkent, former actors of "Ilkhom" theater, extreme snowboarders, designers, photographers, stylists, musicians, filmmakers and writers, restaurateurs, those who captured the camera lens of a young photographer.

Each character has its own story, but they share one thing: they come from Tashkent, the city who gave them inexhaustible energy and inspiration of memories and tenderness. Thin threads that hold us all together, regardless of the distance and elapsed time, make us human "one blood", with common memories, penetrating all the exhibition space.

And the most remarkable thing about this project is the spirit of the artist herself - kind, sincere, smart and optimistic!

The exhibition should interest guests of the capital.

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