Golden Guepard

Golden Guepard

Tashkent International Film Forum “Golden Guepard” is the annual event that will be held in the third time and will be involved short-length, full-length and animated films.It will be held October 19-24 as part of Art Week

The Selection Committee of the TIFF "Golden Guepard" published its first list of films that will be included in the competition program of the Film Forum this year.

Thus, the following films are competitors in the category of feature films:

"Leila" (directed by Adel Yaraghi, Iran, 2012 , 88 min.)
"Nothing" (directed by Dzheshua Dreyfus, Switzerland 2013, 80 min.)
"Dust in our hearts" (directed by Hannah Dooze, Germany 2012, 87 min.)

There are members of the competition program of short films:

"November Lights" (directed by Jurgen Karasek , Austria 2012 , 30 min.)
"Parvane" (directed by Talhon Hamzavi , Switzerland 2012 , 25 min.)
"Swing undertaker" (directed by Elmar Imanov , Germany 2012 , 29 min.)
"Alcoholic" (directed by Julia Gontaruk , Ukraine 2013 , 22 min.)

And also the following cartoons will participate in the Film Forum:

"Father" (directed by Ivan Bogdanov, Asparukh Petrov, Rositsa Ralev , Smitry Jagodin , Moritz Mayerhofer , Velzhko Popovich , Bulgaria , Croatia , Germany 2012, 19 min.)
"Moirai" (directed by Kerstin Unger, Jasper Dikamp, Germany 2012, 10 min.)
"Memento Mori" (directed by Daniel Veyleys Riguera, Bolivia in 2012, 10 min.)
"On killing the pig" (directed by Simon Massey, Italy in 2012, 6 min.)

A complete list of bands that have passed in the selection of the Film Forum in three directions will be published later.

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