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Combined tours in Central Asia presented at are one of the most popular services among our guests. Such way of traveling has got a lot of advantages, and choosing one of Silk Road tours proposed by our company you will get the greatest enjoy from the visit.

Silk Road tours 2015

Let's overview the possibilities you get during such kind of trip to Central Asia, learn some general information about the countries you will visit, and discover the advantages of booking Silk Road tours 2015 at Peopletravel.

Combined Central Asia tours: service advantages

The offer of booking combined Central Asia tour has the whole range of important advantages. Among them, first of all, we should mark the following ones:

Silk Road tours

  • Such a type of travel is cheaper than taking a tour in every country separately, because it saves your money for air or train tickets to each region.
  • Combined Central Asia travel is the most comprehensive one. This is because during such kind of trip you visit the most interesting and attractive places in each of five Central Asian countries. More over, you may use either the standard routes proposed by Peopletravel manager or the special one that is designed according to your wishes.
  • The ability of comparison Central Asian countries as for their national traditions, culture, and nature. This feature will be especially useful for tourists whose Central Asia tour has researching and developing aim.

Also you should understand that during the combined tours around Central Asia you will meet a lot of people of five different nationalities, with their individual specialties and interests. And it is quite possibly that the visit will help you to find new real friends from the farthest and mysterious countries.

Great Silk Road tours through the Central Asia: five attractive bright stars

Central Asia was the main part of the historical Silk Road. Today this territory stretches from the Tian Shan Mountains in its eastern part to the Caspian Sea shores in the west. The region is very original with its geographical position and climate. More over, each of five Central Asian countries has its own relief and weather specialties. If you are interested in the details of them, you may consult with our online expert. Now let's observe the countries of Central Asia that are offered to visit during the Silk Road tours.


Central Asia travel

This land is famous for its marvelous architecture, mosques and madrasahs of ancient cities like Samarkand, Bukhara, Khiva, modern Tashkent, Ferghana valley possessing rich nature and rest zones in Chimgan, Charvak and Beldersai mountains.

Combined Central Asia tours in Uzbekistan may include the visit to the legendary Aral Sea, that was destroyed because of the people neglect and indifference, with its ships graveyard.


Central Asia tour

This is the largest country of the region. It has a rich and beautiful nature with its steppes and mountains where you can enjoy hiking, climbing and skiing tours; wonderful forests and lakes that are the most suitable for hunting and fishing.

Besides, we offer sightseeing tour to Baikonur that is the famous spaceport in Kazakhstan, where the first human was sent to the space from.


Travel to Central Asia

This territory is famous for its majestic waterfalls, cramped walnut forests, high mountains, green steppes and coolness of climate.

The tours to Central Asia that include this country visit grants the most effective recreation holiday.

Over three quarters of Kyrgyz territory consist of Tian-Shan and Pamir-Alay mountains surprising with their picturesque nature, opening the beauty of the wild nature with its flora and fauna, crystal clean water and inspiring sunsets.


Tours to Central Asia

This is one of the most mysterious and romantic Central Asian countries. Its territory is characterized by subtropical climate and beautiful oases.

The variety of Turkmenistan nature is very rich, because the country is washed by Caspian Sea from one side and is surrounded by the burning sands of Kara-Kum desert from others.

The other specialty of this territory is that Turkmenistan is famous for its handicraft and amazing carpets woven by nomadic artisans.


Trip to Central Asia

This is the most mountainous part of the combined tours in Central Asia countries.

About 93% of its territory is made up of mountains, and because of them the country is considered to be the most beautiful in the whole Central Asian region.

The territory of Tajikistan is hardly touched by vanity of civilization with its overwhelming networks, neon adds, noisy cities and highways. That's why; the visit to this land may be compared with the tour to the wilderness.

Combined travel to Central Asia: Peopletravel offer

Combined Central Asian tour

Having chosen our tour operator for booking combined tours to Central Asia you get the most suitable conditions of such a trip. Among them we should point out the following:

  • Reasonable prices for the service, including tickets, meals and hotel.
  • Silk Road tours by train or by plain available.
  • Great number of additional services that make your trip as comfortable, as it is possible.

We will be happy to find you a unique offer for travel to Central Asia. Simply send us a request.

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