Uzbekistan Tourism

Uzbekistan Tourism

Tourism in Uzbekistan: all along the Great Silk Road

Nowadays travel to Uzbekistan is one of the most popular ways to widen you horizons, see gorgeous ancient cities and become closer to the mysterious and exciting East and its marvelous culture. Why? It’s all very simple! First, tourism in Uzbekistan is affordable. Second, it’s safe. And third, Uzbekistan tourism includes so much activities and possibilities such as special sightseeing tours, cultural tourism and also adventure tourism and ecotourism.

Placed right in the middle of the famous Great Silk Road, Uzbekistan welcomes everyone to visit Samarkand, Khiva and Bukhara. It’s not a surprise that these places cradle ancient spirit: they used to be main cultural centers of Central Asia and they soaked the influence of many different cultures during the invasions of Aleksandr The Great and Genghis Khan. These cities are as ancient as Rome. You can still find there old palaces, mausoleums and minarets which became only more beautiful and grand as the millenniums go by. Old buildings of ancient cities of Uzbekistan created by the best past days architects will amaze you with all their glory and greatness. Places filled with historical atmosphere are still comfortable for the tourists: there are many modern hotels and guest houses, new restaurants and caf?s. Everything is made according to international standards and with great love.

Uzbekistan tourism places

Samarkand: Rome of the East

Samarkand, lying in the Zarafshan valley, has always been the heart of the Great Silk Road. It survived after horrible invasions and raised from the ashes. This grand city, Pearl of the East, became more beautiful when Tamerlan took the power. Nowadays Samarkand is in the UNESCO World Heritage List with all its priceless architecture and historical treasures: Gur-Emir, Registan, Shakhi-Zinda Burial Vault, Sher-Dor madrasah and many many others. Book now your travel to Samarkand with Peopletravel.

Uzbekistan Tourism. Samarkand: Rome of the East   Uzbekistan Tourism. Samarkand: Rome of the East

Bukhara: Town Museum

Lying west of Samarkand, this holy city is so ancient, that it was mentioned in “Avesto” – the holy book. There are more than 140 precious historical architect monuments of differen millenniums. Long narrow streets and green islands in this city will amaze you and make you feel yourself in the middle of history. Chor-Minor Madrasah, Kukeldash Madrasah, and Poi-Kalyan Ensemble are waiting for you. Book now tours to Bukhara with Peopletravel.

Uzbekistan Tourism. Bukhara: Town Museum   Uzbekistan Tourism. Bukhara: Town Museum

Khiva: Caravans City

Khiva was big trading center in the 10th century and the resort for caravans when they were moving to China and back. As told by old legend, this city was founded around the well called Hewvakh (son of Noah was the one who ordered to do this). You can still find this legendary well in Ichan Kala. Order tour to Khiva with Peopletravel!

Uzbekistan Tourism. Khiva: Caravans City   Uzbekistan Tourism. Khiva: Caravans City

Information about Tourism in Uzbekistan

Ordering the tour to the cities of Great Silk Roadis a real adventure. You can visit archaeological sites, museums, noisy and colorful eastern bazaars filled with smell of species. Uzbekistan is the earth of legends, bright sunshine, fresh fruits and cheery friendly people.

Uzbekistan Tourism. Samarkand: Rome of the East   Uzbekistan Tourism. Khiva: Caravans City

Unforgettable travel to Karakalpakstan: wild nature and legendary places

One third part of the territory of Uzbekistan is taken by the Republic of Karakalpakstan, so you can’t imagine travel to Uzbekistan without visiting it. This place is unique because of its archeological and nature artifacts. Famous Aral Sea is shrinking more with every day and ordering tour to Aral Sea right now is one of the exclusive possibilities to see this legendary place. The Ustyurt Plateau is also place of great interest: there are canyons, unbelievable shapes of nature, and of course there is shore of Ustyurt Plateau – speechless guardian, beautiful and wild, the greatest discovery for the photographers. During the tour to Karakalpakstan you can visit ancient cities Nukus and Muynak. In Nukus there is famous museum of Art named after Savickiy with thousands of art works. Igor Savickiy, well-known artist, did the great and hard work to save all these unique arts from the sovietism that wanted to destroy them.

Tourism in Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan Tourism. Charvak and Chimgan: places of harmony

Well-known Charvak reservoir is unique lake right in the middle of Tien Shan Mountains made in 1970. You spend just an hour to get there from Tashkent city. There are many activities if you decide to visit Charvak: swinning, hiking, riding water scooter, seeing breathtaking views of nature.

And if you care about your health and would love to see something really beautiful you have to visit so called “Uzbek Switzerland” – Chimgan ski resort in Chimgan Mountains, located on the height of 1200-1600 meters above sea.

Uzbekistan is the earth of legends, bright sunshine, fresh fruits and cheery friendly people. If you’d like to have a really good time and get to know Uzbekistan from all its best sides, it’s undoubtedly that you will order the tour from “Peopletravel”!

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