Uzbekistan Souvenirs

Uzbekistan Souvenirs

Uzbekistan Souvenirs: precious reminder of travel to the Sun Republic

Short quick guide to the Uzbek souvenirs

Travelling to another country you can carry the good impressions with you, to your home country. It may be not only photographs, but also precious reminders shaped into the souvenirs: small or big items with the special spirit of the country you’ve visited. So, during your travel to Uzbekistan do not forget to collect different souvenirs for yourself, your friends and members of your family. The items from Uzbekistan brought home will remind you and your relatives about this sunny country. What is important to know: every region of Uzbekistan is famous for its own kind of souvenirs. It depends on what master craft is most popular in each city or region - Samarkand or Bukhara, Gijduvan or Margilan, Chust or Rishtan etc.

Short quick guide to the Uzbek souvenirs

Influences of many cultures were mixed in Uzbekistan, which is why there is the widest range of souvenirs. If you’re already questioning yourself what and mostly where could and should you buy, travelling to the glorious Uzbekistan, here are some advices that will definitely help you to do this. What is the best place to buy embroidery, ceramics or pottery, silk or carpets, knives and many other souvenirs? Where the best knives produced? Where can you find famous fur coats? Read the article and you will find all of the answers.

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Uzbekistan national clothes: embroidery, fur, hats

Uzbekistan national clothes: embroidery, fur, hats   Uzbekistan national clothes: embroidery, fur, hats

We bet you can’t leave Uzbekistan without buying some fabulous national clothes for yourself or your friends. These clothes are always very beautiful, original, looking very chic and reach, with different ornaments and of course embroidery. Uzbek embroidery is very popular and well-known all over the world, mostly for its uniqueness. It decorates much of Uzbek national clothes, bags and carpets (for example Uzbek Suzanne used for the carpets). And of course it is hard not to mention two places, where most of the skilled embroiderers come from – Bukhara and Samarkand. Bukhara is so famous with golden thread embroidery. And Kashkadarya is well-known for colorful embroidery which decorates handbags. Holiday men and women clothes, zarchapan and kamzul, are also decorated with beautiful golden thread embroidery.

Souvenirs of Uzbekistan

Fur coats and funny national fur hats made of karakul also can be found in Bukhara. By the way, caracul has healing possibilities and it is really warm.

And don’t forget about the best Uzbek souvenir, skullcap which is called tubeteika. There are many kinds of tubeteika, because every region has its own style of this headdress, but the most popular and most traditional is tubeteika from Chust. It is black and filled with special ornament of four peppers. But tubeteika styled like this, very strict, is for men. If you want to surprise you wife, sister or mother, you should choose more colorful women’s tubeteika, also embroidered with gold and sometimes with beautiful stones.

Ceramic souvenirs from Uzbekistan: lagans, plates, pottery figures

Ceramic souvenirs from Uzbekistan: lagans, plates, pottery figures   Ceramic souvenirs from Uzbekistan: lagans, plates, pottery figures

There is very famous place in Uzbekistan that should be visited by everyone who is interested in ceramics. This is the town called Rishtan, where you can find many craft shops selling beautiful pottery in turquoise and blue shades. And also don’t miss the chance to buy here lagans, duck shaped “obdasta urdak” decorated with traditional Uzbek ornaments such as pomegranate and flowers of almond.

In another small town called Gijduvan there is big center of ceramics owned by Narshullaev family. This family owns the oldest secrets of pottery craft and here you can find yellow-brown ceramics decorated with patterns of blue and green.

Information about Uzbekistan souvenirs

Take a look at hand-painted figures are small but very cheery. This pottery figures are impersonating sunny and funny people of Uzbekistan (including national heroes and bazaar sellers), different animals like camels. They are not expensive at all so you can buy one or two figures for every of your friends and make them smile with these little presents. You can find these figures almost everywhere in Uzbekistan, especially near bazaars and monuments of architecture.

Wood and metal: knives, jewelry, carved wood   Uzbekistan National Souvenirs

In Khiva search for lagan-dishes or plates with traditional blue ultramarine patterns – you can hang them on the wall in your house when you will be back. In Khorezm don’t miss Hum-vessel – it will become a good exotic vase in your house and beautiful Chiroki-lamp will bring spirit of East.

Wood and metal: knives, jewelry, carved wood

Wood and metal: knives, jewelry, carved woodWood and metal: knives, jewelry, carved wood

Traditional Uzbek knife called pichok is a very popular gift, especially among the men. Knife can be a good part of someone’s collection. Chust is the famous place in Uzbekistan where the best knives are made by the best masters. Knives made in Chust are light and beautiful, it has so comfortable dipped handle and blade that originally curved up. On the real knives from Chust you will find the engraved “In memory of Chust” (Estalik uchun Chust).

Metal carving is used in Uzbek jewelry too. Jewelry brought from Uzbekistan will serve not only as a souvenir but also as a bijouterie for your beloved women. And please don’t miss earrings called Kashgar-Boldak and bracelets with silver and cornelian. Every of these items will bring Eastern spirit to the style. But Uzbek jewelry is not only about the style, it is also about the helping in everyday life, like tumor – small box with the prayer engraved on it, sometimes it has small miniature of Koran, and this is a good talisman guarding and protecting you.

Uzbek souvenirs

Wood carving is brought to perfection in Uzbekistan. You can find decorated with carved wood buildings all over the country, it’s a very old tradition. The room decorated with elm, juniper or walnut stools and carved table will become more stylish, creative and Asian. Laukh is special book stand made from a whole wood bar. Women will be nicely surprised with wood boxes with flower ornaments, because they can be surely used for carrying jewelry. Such wood box filled with Uzbek jewelry will steal the heart of every woman.

Fabrics and carpets from Uzbekistan

Margilan silk, khan-atlas, adras are the names of very famous Uzbek fabrics.

And don’t forget: Uzbek carpet is one of the best and most beautiful souvenirs from Uzbekistan. Carpets are different in each region, with different styles and patterns. They can be the decoration on the floor or on the wall – depends on fabric and color.

Uzbekistan National Souvenirs   Uzbekistan National Souvenirs

Unusual Uzbek souvenirs

If you’re seeking for something more creative than just a carpet or tubeteika, pay your attention to such items as: Uzbek musical instruments, Uzbek wine and famous Samarkand paper.

Unusual Uzbek souvenirs

Reminder for the tourists in Uzbekistan

Places and items:

For embroidery go to: Khiva, Bukhara, Samarkand;
For ceramics & pottery go to: Gijduvan, Rishtan, most places near architecture monumets and traditional bazaars;
For silk go to: Margilan;
For fur coats & hats go to: Bukhara;
For carpets go to: Khiva;
For knives go to: Chust;
For unforgettable travel full of good impressions go to: Uzbekistan (by ordering the tour from Peopletravel).

When leaving Uzbekistan and taking souvenirs with you, don’t forget:
If you’re carrying a piece of art make sure it is not antique and doesn’t have 50 years (or more) historical value (better to get the certificate with that statement)!

Uzbekistan national clothes: embroidery, fur, hats   Ceramic souvenirs from Uzbekistan: lagans, plates, pottery figures

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