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General information regarding the Akhangaran River

The Akhangaran is a river in Uzbekistan, the right affluent of the Syr Darya. The names Angren and Kultushkan are also used. 

The Angren River flowing through the valley, originates from the Aktashsay and Urtalyksay rivers on the southwestern slope of the Chatkal range. The length of the river is 256 km. And the area of the Akhangaran basin is 7710 km ². Numerous says fall into the Angren River. They are the Boksuk-say, the Tuganbash-say, the Shavaz-say, the Dukent-say, the Karabau-say, the Akcha-say, the Naugarzan-say, the Jigiristan-say, the Kairagach-say, the Besh-say, the Nishbash-say, the Gush-say and others.

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The Akhangaran River plays an important role in the irrigation of the Akhangaran valley. The dale itself is situated at an altitude of 1200 meters above sea level. The valley of the Akhangaran River takes the beginning on the Akhangaran plateau from the Chatkal massif.

Here the river takes a number of right tributaries, which in their upper reaches formed narrow gorges, on the plateau have the character of flat rivers, and before flowing into the Akhangaran they overflow by beautiful waterfalls.

It's hard to believe, but a hundred million years ago, before the advent of dinosaurs, the valley was a bay of a warm sea. At the bottom of the bay there were deposits from shells of large mollusks. Limestone ridges, which today can be seen along the mountains, were formed from them.

The Akhangaran valley is one of the centers of development of agriculture in the region: on the right bank of the Akhangaran River, ruins of a settlement of the III-IV centuries were found. It is established that the inhabitants of this village used sickles, cream liners, stone grain handles; and for the cultivation of land - compound hoes. In the IV - Vll centuries on the site of this settlement a fortress and a settlement Namudlyg arose.

akhangaran river in uzbekistan

Legend about the name “Angren”

The name of the Angren River is preserved in the people legend-fairy tale. Long ago, high in the mountains, a black tower was. An evil sorcerer - the proprietor of the mountain lived in the tower. He had everything: diamonds, gold, silver. He had a daughter Adal - the most beautiful girl in the valley. Once a young shepherd Angren saw the girl and straightway fell in love with her.  In the evenings he played the dutar and sang of his love. The songs were sad. After all, the daughter of a magician for a poor shepherd was as inaccessible as these distant stars ... "Such songs can only be composed by the smartest, the best person," she thought. And Adal was not deceived. When they happened to meet, Angren and Adal liked each other. They began to meet secretly from Adal’s father ... Days passed. The shepherd folded many songs about his beloved. And when the time came Adal told Angren a secret of the magic treasure. It was a treasure of sun stone. She said to Angren: "Wonderful stones save a lot of warmth and light. Take this mystery to people, they have outposts, they have nothing to keep warm in bad weather ..." The girl disappeared into a gloomy tower, and the shepherd went to look for treasure in order to give it to ordinary people. Angren could not find the treasure. He thought and decided: "I have to find a true friend. And he went around the world, turning into a stormy river, beckoning and calling people to him. And Adal, having lost his beloved, in a fit of desperation, rushed from the cliff. And where the drops of her blood fell, bright poppies grew ... Bewitched by the beauty of the Angren valley, people came here and found the treasure of the evil wizard. These were coal beds of coal. This is a legend, but according to the scientists' assumption, the name Angren is the transformed name of the Akhangaran River, which in ancient Turkic means "the valley of the iron affairs of the masters".

Fishing on the Akhangaran River

Marinka is the most common fish of Asian mountain rivers and lakes.
Marinka is also caught in the Akhangaran River. Above the Angren reservoir, where the Angren River is already a full-flowing mountain river, there are the most long-range places.
In the lower reaches of the small says that flow into the Akhangaran, marinka is also enough, especially for its right-sided tributaries - Ertash and Akchasay.

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