Alisher Navoi National Park

The largest park in the Uzbek capital is Alisher Navoi National Park. Green wealth is appropriately situated in the urban core. The park was laid out on the place of a quarry of a brick factory. Now the area of the park is 65 hectares.

The building was carried out by the Komsomol members of Tashkent in the 30s. Today the park is named after Alisher Navoi, the great Turkic poet and thinker. A few dozen acres of green plantations along with water reservoirs are tempting to take a relaxing walk or an excursion tour with Peopletravel Company. Having seen a lot of greenery, a big lake, canals and fountains, meadow and decorative flower beds, most probably, that you will forget about being in the center of Tashkent.

National park after Alisher Navoi

For the convenience of residents, an artificial reservoir was created. One of the banks of the pond is set aside for sandy beaches. This is the largest cistern in the capital, and gulls - unusual for the urban landscape birds, often flock here. The distinctive features of Alisher Navoi National Park are green shrubberies, silence, water and clean air.

Mirrors of the water of the ponds supplement the special atmosphere of Alisher Navoi National Park, loaded with the scent of flowering roses. The secluded alleys of the park have a special state of thinking about the meaning of life, dreaming about the future.

For the entertainment of visitors all kinds of attractions, and children's railway for small tourists, are in the park.

Alisher Navoi park

Other local landmarks are two curved wooden bridges, thrown over the water. If you want extreme, just walk along the creaky wooden flooring, stand on the top of the arch, peering into the green depth from a height. The impressions will suffice for a long time.

"Bold spirit", overcoming this obstacle, is already on the new territory of the National Park after Alisher Navoi. Here, at the top of the hill, under a blue dome with columns, a monument to Alisher Navoi was erected. From here one can clearly see the dome of the Oliy Majlis (parliament of Uzbekistan), the skyscraper of the Interbank Center, the park zone on the site of the former adobe houses - makhalla Beshagach.

Alisher Navoi National Park and the adjacent area represent a complete composition of harmony that links the great past of the people with an aspiring view of the future. The memorial of Alisher Navoi, to which young couples come to worship, as if blessing young people to continue the great traditions of the people: peace, love, help to one's neighbor.

Tashkent Alisher Navoi park

All year round various holidays and events are held in the National Park of Tashkent after Alisher Navoi. There are many activities to do. You can enjoy a boat trip, cycling and roller skating.

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