Day of Defenders of the Motherland in Uzbekistan

On the 14th of January the Day of Defenders is widely commemorated in Uzbekistan. For citizens of our country this date is a token of fortitude, might and selfless patriotism.

There are many capacities in the world, but the defender of the motherland is one of the most honorable. It's an honor to protect one’s family, home and children. Therefore, Uzbekistan Defenders' day is a national holiday for the Uzbek people.

The history of the Defenders’ Day in Uzbekistan dates back to 1992, when exactly on this day, January 14, the country's parliament made a decision to transfer all units and formations of military educational institutions and other military formations, stationed on the territory of Uzbekistan under jurisdiction of the Republic. Since then, every year on January 14, a big state holiday - the Defenders Day of the Republic of Uzbekistan is celebrated.

Motherland Defenders Day in Uzbekistan is celebrated very widely and spectacularly. With respect to the custom, Uzbek Defenders' Day of Fatherland is celebrated widely. The anthem of the Republic sounds on the Independence Square in the capital, military units pass through the square with a solemn march to the sounds of the military orchestra. Partakers in the parade also lay garlands at the foot of the Monument of Independence.

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Defenders’ Day in Uzbekistan

At the moment, the main task of the Armed Forces of Uzbekistan is protection from regional, local wars and armed conflicts. The main goal of the military policy is defense.

Every representative of the strong half of humanity, be it a schoolboy, student, cadet, military, civilian, driver, doctor, athlete, scientist, brother, nephew, father, grandfather, neighbor on the site, just a passer-by is the defender of the Fatherland, defender of Uzbekistan.

It's hard to imagine more courageous, noble and most worthy holiday of real men.

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